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  1. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    So far so good. Only zoas and Gsp under it. They are in the sand so we will see how it does as I add more coral.
  2. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    Still chasing the right scape.
  3. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    Nothing much... kind of in a holding pattern for a bit as I let things settle in. Thinking of finalizing the new aquascape I have in mind, adding to my CUC and getting some more corals in the next few weeks. That's about it.
  4. Smith's ADA 60-F *Retired*

    Looking good... I am a fan of the new scape and totally get the fever to move some rocks around.
  5. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    It is a sad day... this morning I woke up to my clownfish of just over 2 weeks sucked up against the powerhead. Rewind 8 hours. I noticed him acting strange. He was lethargic and laying low in the corner of the tank on the sand. He was pale and even a little blotchy. A quick google search lead me to suspect clownfish disease. I got my mind wrapped around setting up a QT tank today but when I got up this morning it was too late. All the other inhabitants, snails, corals pods all are doing well. I have been moving the aquascape around quite a bit in the last few days. I hope I did not stress him out too much but again I am afraid that is what happened. Or possibly worse... I may not have waited long enough to add him. This is the part I hate. I really feel it is my duty to provide a good environment for the livestock I keep and I failed this one. I will take this opportunity to finsih my reaquascaping and possibly bail on the dry rock I started with in favor of new live rock if I can't get it looking the way I want. I will also possibly retying my stocking plans for this tank with regard to fish. Possibly just a small gobie or two. Anyway it will be a long 8 weeks while I wait for this tank to get better before I add any other fish.
  6. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    I thought I would post a fts at the one month mark. Things seem to be going well and stabilizing. I will begin adding more corals in the next few weeks in addition to beefing up my cleaning crew with a few more snails and maybe a small hermit or two. Thanks for looking.
  7. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    Well, as sure as I was yesterday of imminent doom... I am almost as sure today that things will get better soon. I just witnessed my Trochus snail mow done and eat the algae I have been so worried about. He continues to work and work. I think I will pick up one more to give him some help and do a 50% water change on Sunday as well as clean all the detritus out of the algae and powerhead. I am also noticing what appears to be some green coralline algae beginning to grow.
  8. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    Just a quick update... I am no longer sure it is bryopsis... maybe it's derbesia tenuissima. I am not positive but I think my trochus snail may be eating it or thinning it out on one of my rocks. He has been munching around that one rock since last night and it looks a bit thinner and in some place (it's hard to remember how much was there) it appears to be gone. Maybe I am too optimistic. I think I will give a couple of small Mexican Turbos a try. I have a friend with a 180 gallon tank that can take them when I am out of algae or it doesn't work.
  9. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    The question then is how long till it comes back? Will I ever be done with it... I guess we will find out. I imagine I will need a test kit for the magnesium... any suggestions on a good one?
  10. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    That is what I have been reading but I was just not too excited to start adding chemicals to this tank... especially so early. Gotta do what I gotta do I guess. It is on every rock and the glass too. I didn't realize what it could be until last night when I got curious and started using the good old inter-webs to look around. I figured it was hair algae of some time and would clear up. Are there any consequences to using kent tech m as far as effecting livestock?
  11. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    Pretty sure I have Bryopsis... not excited. I think I will kill my lights for a few days. It looks like maybe my water change Monday may have started to know some of it out... I am noticing some whitening of the filaments. From what I have read it does not seem like this will just run it's course even in a new tank. It sounds like i might need to get crazy. I am not sure I am ready to get crazy.
  12. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    I have met a few people that live very close to me on there so that is nice and it is a great place to find coral to buy and trade for sure.
  13. Changing aquascape once fish have been introduced.

    Thanks guys... just testing the waters so to speak... I appreciate the input.
  14. *A change of scape* - Mr. Aqua 6 Long

    I have not taken the plunge into becoming a paid member anywhere yet but I do skulk around the wrs forum. . You?