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    I like to read books about history. I love science(mainly astronomy). I like to spend as much time as I can with my family. I have started this hobby in hopes that I can get my son interested in science.
  1. Aussie crew

    That pink one is sick!!!
  2. Bioload question....

    Ok, so I always see people telling others that their bioload is too large. I think that you can have a significantly higher bioload than most on this site would lead others to believe as long as you do the proper maintenance and testing that goes along with it. Essentially there really is no specific bioload per gallon IMO its all relative to the maintenance and work one is willing to do. Am I totally off base here?
  3. Banshee's 14G BioCube

    I like your black and white! He or she seems to have a real nice color like mine. Mine is growing sooooo fast though. How bout yours?
  4. Sigh... I used petco's sea water....

    How can you be sure that it was the water? I use the petco water all of the time, it's just sea water. Essentially when you mix your own it's synthetic sea water so maybe it was the stuff you were using before mixed with the natural sea water. Just a guess, but like I said I buy the water from petco and have had no issues. I did use reef crystals and the water had a yellow tint to it.
  5. Nick's new 14g biocube

    So I was reading your posts about upgrading your fans, I am starting to have a loud fan issue so I will be replacing them soon. Anyway as far as the temp goes I just removed the feeding flap during the day because I keep my house at 77-78. I have never really had a problem with the temp, but I am trying to see if it will help keep my ph at a more constant lvl. I know it's not a lot of fresh air but it seems like the hood holds in co2. Just a thought. Oh yea you can also put that flap back on at night so the temp does not drop too much, living in the desert, there are some massive temp shifts.
  6. lucky38422's 14g Biocube

    Yea...the bio balls seem to be more of a matter of opinion and not fact. Fact is I have never had any issues with the bio balls. Honestly the whole media rack thing seems like a good way to get people to spend more money. I think in the end it's all about the maintenance done on the tank along with the frequency. Obviously just my opinion, but when you have as much natural filtration as I do and you test as often as I do(twice per week), wc as often as I do (once per week 2g), then I don't think there is a problem with the bio balls. I have never even rinsed one of them yet.
  7. Biocube 14 Questions

    Nice tank! I also have the 14g cube. I just buy the ocean water for my water changes.i just have to check the salinity first in case of any evaporation, but honestly the petco brand has never given me any troubles.
  8. Hal the Halloween hermit

    LOL. That's a great avatar!
  9. Planet Ocean on Netflix

    What section is it under? Documentarys?
  10. ID my Acan please.

    Looks like mine it was tagged as a tempest of fire Acan coral
  11. I used ro/di. And I used a 5 gal bucket, made about 3 gal of water.
  12. That's what's crazy, I used a heater and a power head. Let it mix for 24 hrs as well. And the bucket was clean lol. It was really odd.
  13. Hammer Coral Sting

    Hammer corals are soooo cool
  14. how many fishs in 28g tank ?

    Some fish are swimmers that in the "wild" swim over 25 miles a day. Some people are quick to tell you about a bioload, so you really just need to figure out what you want, research how big they get and how they will interact with their tank mates. Do not worry too much about being flamed for bioload or what you have in your tank just do it, it is your money at the end of the day and no one knows your maintenance level. If people wanna flame let them, if they really cared that much they would release their fish into the ocean, but wait...a lot are tank bred now lol.
  15. lucky38422's 14g Biocube

    Well my friend wanted the smaller orange and white, so when I gave it too him I got the platinum. Soon I will not have the black and white because he also wants to buy it from me. He is really growing fast. To answer your question they all get along great. I have had no troubles. The only reason I got the platinum was because I got him for $30. As far as a high bio load what do you mean?