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  1. Boost LED par30

    bumpppp clamp is included by the way!!
  2. Boost LED par30

    i have an 8 month old boost LED par 30 with 2 royal blue, 1 regular blue, 1 cool white, and 1 neutral white bulb. in great shape, just getting out of the hobby. selling for $85 for P/U, $95 if needs to be shipped. PM's please! thanks!
  3. This is all over my tank

    i paid for a tiny frag to get them all over my tank, and they are finally starting to spread!
  4. Bonsai - May 2012

    what is the bright purple sps-looking coral in the upper center of the tank?
  5. bubble algae

    I only have a few areas with them.. not enough to get a crab. they're on two of my frag plugs and that's it, do you think it would work to take the plugs out, carefully remove the algae, rinse the frags and put them back in? idk!! haha thanks for the help
  6. bubble algae

    I have a couple spots of bubble algae in my tank and i'd like to get rid of it if possible.. any ideas of how to do it? thanks...
  7. The Inspiration (now VEGA powered)

    haha I tend to overkill the equipment due to being a tech junkie and like my tanks as hands off as possible. will be running a calc reactor and a gfo/carbon reactor probably. calc to prevent having to really dose and gfo/carbon for water clarity and phosphate reduction. i also plan on upgrading in a year when i move so purchasing a equipment that can be used on future builds is big for me. most of the stuff under the tank like skimmer/reactors/controllers is all ready for a 150 gal+ build. just gotta get out of college to do it.
  8. The Inspiration (now VEGA powered)

    How did you get the overflow to work? Did you ever raise the dorso? And did you just use the included plumbing or have to buy some? Sorry for all the questions. Just trying to plan out my next build. So it seems like everything will have to be accessible from the front...a 22" skimmer won't be too tall then. Trying to squeeze everything I can into the stand and its getting hard lol Have too much stuff I want. Would it be possible to hang reactors on the sides of the stand above the sump? EDIT: Just realized I posted on my gf's account lol she left it signed in
  9. Zoa disease

    i recently had an outbreak of zoa pox and used the furan 2 and it worked wonders. a few days after the treatment and my pickiest colony of zoas was the most open it's ever been!!
  10. Garden of Colors

    what kinds of zoas are those!? i love them both
  11. zoa pox treatment

    So I recently found some of my zoa colonies not opening, and noticed white specks on them. I looked this up online and concluded it was definitely a case of zoa pox. I decided to go buy some Furan 2, which I am currently using at the moment. I poured one packet of the Furan 2 into a bucket of about 3.5 cups of water. the water was a yellow green color, and I placed the remaining infected colonies into the bucket. I have already lost two colonies from this, I threw them out with the hopes it wouldn't spread to others in my tank. I plan on leaving the zoas in the water for 20 minutes for each treatment for the next three days, however, I do have a few questions... should i treat all of the zoas in my tank? or just the infected colonies? is the amount of Furan 2 that I used acceptable or should i use less or more? thanks!
  12. 30 Gallon LED Lighting Options

    Nice I will look into that...I have a reef keeper lite so I will have to see which option is cheaper to do. What size heatsink would you recommend for a 36x18x12 size tank?
  13. 30 Gallon LED Lighting Options

    If I could keep cost down with a DIY I don't mind as long as I have some sort of guide to follow. Plug and play doesn't really matter too much. But if OEM is quality and has cool features like thunderstorms and then like then I would go with that haha... For dimmable LED DIY can you set them so they ramp up brightness throughout the day automatically like the AI SOL or do you need to manually do that? Because if you can then without a question I would go with the DIY.
  14. 30 Gallon LED Lighting Options

    So my next upgrade is going to be to a 30 gallon breeder. I am planing on continue to keep a mixed reef. I prefer LED lighting options with dimmable capabilities being a plus. Can you recommend a fixture to light this tank. Price range would be up to about $400. Thanks!
  15. protein skimmer

    sorry, i have mostly LPS and zoas, then a couple of frags of sps.. i have two ocellaris clowns. they're about 1" for now! and i was thinking about picking up a purple pseudochromis after i upgrade. maybe a royal gramma. not sure! i do feed my tank cyclop-eeze 1-2 times per week as well as feeding my fish 1-2 times per week. it is a standard tank and i was looking for a hang on the back one.. does that help?