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  1. Acielot

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    Man sorry to hear Kat. I came back after so long to see how the tank was after your live video and I wasn't expecting this.
  2. Acielot

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    This looks like a tricky scape but that scribble is a good starting point. I do like that general flow for the rockwork since you may be able to use some foced perspective/negative space.
  3. Acielot

    Kat's Birthday Party

    Sad to see the old tank empty already, but I am looking foward to the new tank.
  4. Acielot

    Orlando airport aquarium

    My favorite part of OIA. Usually its dark though because of the flight times I take.
  5. Acielot

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    Do you still have the rose coral that was in your sump? If so can we expect it to make an appearance in this new tank?
  6. Acielot

    Kat's METROpolitan: Retired May 2018

    :: Another one! I cant wait to see this one grow too.
  7. Acielot

    Where does your aquarium's saltwater come from?

    I used to use NSW and i would get plankton that settle out into small barnacles and oysters. Now I use IORC and RODI. Needless to say I no longer have plankton settling out.
  8. Acielot

    How many aquariums do you have?

    Empty 10 in case of emergency 10 gallon (betta and shrimp tank) 10 gallon (mixed reef) 50 gallon (not set up yet) 20 gallon (not set up)
  9. The coloration and overall shape is picture perfect for a majano that is really it. Also if it is the size of a zoa it most likey is not a BTA
  10. Clownfish for sure. Your could always squeeze a tang in there...
  11. Acielot

    Invertebrate washed up on beach in Cuba

    Sooo many strange things in the ocean. +1 on the sea cucumber
  12. Acielot

    Crab help...

    Enough water and he will be spiffy. Heck they crawl out of water for hours at a time in the wild. Oh and keep it somewhere the temp is ideal
  13. Acielot

    How much have you invested?

    Probably less addicting also.
  14. Acielot

    How much have you invested?

    If you have not been there lately they renovated that area and it is in the manta aquarium now. Their colonies are HUGE!! or at least the biggest ones I have seen. There were some nice sized clams in there too. Now that I think about it I wonder how much money Sea World blows on their fishtanks...
  15. Acielot

    How much have you invested?

    HA! I was addicted before I got a taste of reefing. I wouuld go to sea world and spend a good 30 mins everytime looking at their mixed tank.