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  1. I have some of those and no coralline missing. They are fine.
  2. I would test phosphates and organics if you can get those tests.
  3. It must have been a small mantis...most that I see are around 6-8" and can take the finger clean-off.
  4. Looks more like a macroalgae.
  5. just hair algae...yeah, I would scrape it because it spreads easily.
  6. no, its a 4 bulb T5 fixture...blows a powerquad out of the water...
  7. hey, looks like a peanut worm
  8. The next person reading your post could be your mom. Keep it in mind unless you want to get hit over the head with a frypan.
  9. not even, you could leave them and drill lines of holes in them to adjust the level.
  10. thats not a blue leg - its a hawaiian zebra hermit.
  11. creepy, I have 2 of them too...they are the cutest little buggers...porcelain crabs.
  12. I had the same combo...my yellow clown ate the digi polyps! had to get rid of him!
  13. If it is a dual ended halide, be sure you have the UV lens on the bulb...just in case... As far as the health of your softies...start out with lower photoperiods, like suggested, but also take note of the temp...that much wattage could be causing your tank to get too warm. Otherwise, changing your bulb out for a 20,000K like you were thinking would be a good idea.
  14. here...
  15. Then my float switch turns on it is for about 10 seconds at a time...and the first three seconds are just for the pump to get everything going...so really just 7 seconds of pumping. Using a tiny powerhead, I know making a kalk reactor out of another orange juice bottle and just letting the top-off deal with it would work.