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  1. Wet's Battery powered air top-off...$10.

    I just wanted to chime in as the OP: I am getting emails about this system from time to time. Yes, it still works. I moved on to larger aquariums though, so the examples I still see in use are on other people's nanos from time to time. But I can't respond to emails about troubleshooting really: I might be 8000+ miles away from my home in the US at any given time. My EE job requires that I travel; 90% international; and when I am off it is just easier to stay in SE Asia or wherever I might happen to be. I spend months at a time in Asia, Russia, Germany, Brazil, etc. Responding to emails is pretty much impossible from behind "The Great Firewall of China", so don't bet on it. OTOH, my new reef aquarium is very nice. It has miles of secluded beaches, no need for restocking, no water changes needed, and more fish and corals in it than I could have back in the US. I might not have a reef in my home now, but I get to spend the holidays with some coworkers that live in Thailand and Bali.
  2. Overflow Diagrams

    How much flow do you plan on putting through it? FWIW, your backup should be larger than your primary. On an 18" cube, I cant imagine needing more than a 1/2" for the primary as long as you have a strainer on the intake.
  3. What is your occupation?

    Electrical Engineer gone Biomedical... I work on the power systems that control lasers that blast out your arteries from eating too many burgers. Spending has its ups and downs... one year, it could be thousands, next year.... under $1000. edit: As of 2012, I must change the above. I am not a biomedical engineer any longer. I am back to being an EE: field services for an international company. I spend months at a time on projects all around the world. Sound rough? Oh, Lets see... this last year it was Japan, Germany, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, and my new home: China. I come back for a month or two every year. I love living in China, and I get paid more than 1,000,000 Yuan a year (and to them, that is like $1,000,000US a year, so I get to live like a rockstar on the cheap). When I am not at work I take a $150US airplane ticket to somewhere in SE Asia, like my manager's home in BALI, strap on some SCUBA tanks, and see the largest aquarium of them all. I do have a reef: it costs me something like 10,000 Yuan to restock my whole reef tank if I go to one of the collectors on the island of Hainan. I can just give them a list of what I want: you can get anything in China.
  4. Overflow Diagrams

    Sorry Im late to THIS party... I have had some diagrams in my photobucket now for years... some hybrid designs:
  5. Request for 415 or 420nm LED's

    Oh, almost forgot... I just put in an order for 16 of them, but when I order the remaining 84 after I test them, will I still be able to use the code or is that just for the first time?
  6. Request for 415 or 420nm LED's

    I need something that expands up to 30 channels, so I would need.. uh... 7 or 8 or these! If there was a way to expand the outputs on the controller, Im all for it, otherwise I also prefer PWM outputs for dimming. The arduino mega 2560 gives me 14 channels, but Im thinking I can come up with some sort of way to hijack some of the other ports to get the extra I need or to control another arduino. Then with the USB port I can use a Windows PC interface that is easier to program. Sorry... close but not quite. Its pretty much a controller, but with only 4 ports, its pretty limited. Now, 4 channel (or more) DC (0-36?v) driver boards... you know Im in.
  7. Request for 415 or 420nm LED's

    Alright, that sounds good. I wasn't sure if they would be limited availability or not. Ill get 10 and use the spectrometer on them. If they are the real deal, then 90 more next time.
  8. XM-L U2 bin

    Sure, I was talking about the XM-L Cool Whites as well, but just in U2 bin. edit: nm, I missed you saying T5 bin.
  9. 100 watt led's

    http://www.hero-ledstore.com/heroled-50-wa...men-p-1167.html And Blue... I dont know if these are actual edistar LED's like what is found in the photon cannons, but their specs sure seem to indicate it. These should be fine, there is someone in my local club that went with a couple of these for a more "spotlit" halide look. The one thing you will need is a heatsink that can move heat faster than any metal can: as in, something with heat pipes or liquid cooling. The power density is just too high in too small of an area for any metal, no matter what the amount, to keep up. That is why you see them sold with tower style coolers from computers usually used for CPU cooling. As long as you do this, or some liquid cooling, you should be fine.
  10. XM-L U2 bin

    Really? Wow, I would think XM-L's would be popular. So what are people going with for daylight mostly?
  11. XM-L U2 bin

    Thanks old buddy
  12. Request for 415 or 420nm LED's

    I must also admit, Im a little gun-shy about the order. My experience with some vendors in asia is that they will say whatever it takes to get your money, but then deliver something that is less than expected, or sometimes nothing at all. Im just curious Milad, did they offer test samples? What if I hook these things up to my Ocean Optics and get a reading that indicates these are much lesser LED's?
  13. XM-L U2 bin

    Im just wondering what the state of LEDgroupbuy is with regards to these. http://www.dealextreme.com/p/xml-u2-1c-320...base-3-7v-57009 http://www.cutter.com.au/proddetail.php?prod=cut1095 Its not like its a new model, and Im sure everyone bothers you about getting this LED or that LED, color binning, etc. (and Im one of them). Perhaps they aren't that easy to get, or the price isn't worth it now. I just wanted to get it out there and start a conversation about them. The actual increase in output seems to be anywhere from 7% to 15% for the same power, but the spectra seems to be more 'purple' on many accounts... this is interesting. There has been some claim that perhaps the actual output is more than expected: http://www.candlepowerforums.com/vb/showth...6-XML-T6-vs.-U2
  14. Request for 415 or 420nm LED's

    I will have to go back and re-read it myself. I think it has to do with one of two things. That graph was for just one coral species if I remember right, and for the light it uses for respiration and growth, also called PUR. The activation spectra in those other articles have to do with what wavelengths the pigments respond to (and exhibit stokes shift to fluoresce). The Acropora aspera was the one of the corals that showed a response with 380nm. In short, its lighting for pigmentation vs. lighting for growth. Sorta makes sense to me... back when I used halides 100% some corals showed much darker coloration, even under lower intensity. Then I read that even with the sheild, a halide gives off a good amount of UV... maybe that had something to do with it. Then with T5's, the very same corals Im thinking of would turn into brightly hued versions of their former selves... dark blue prostrata would turn royal blue, pink birdsnest would turn from red with dark blue polyps to cotton-candy pink, red plating montipora would turn from blood red to neon red&orange. There has been some speculation about the long-term care of clams of more light hungry species like maximas and croceas under LED's. I suspect a lack of red/IR, but there has been some speculation about a lack of UV-A. In humans UV-A and even B is needed in small amounts after all for Vitamin D, so maybe a little bit is a good idea. Rather than put UV-A or B in the mix with other LED's though, I was going to make little PAR 38 looking spotlight style fixtures out of them so I could aim it at just the clams I want to and test it out. Freakin Sweet! Milad, I think you are going to have quite a run on these things. I let my fellow Wisconsin Reef Society members know, and there is a thread in the WRS forums full of interested people. Now that it is sweetened with the higher output of 450-550, its one of the most competitive LED's if not one of the only ones available in that color and for a reasonable price too.
  15. Will an emerald crab attack a fish?

    All crabs are opportunists for the most part. The only crabs I trust 100% are porcelain or anemone crabs, since they are filter feeders. They are the only crabs I keep, if any. Since getting rid of the hermit crabs, my snail population doesn't need restocking every year due to random "rip outs" by hermits looking for a home. All hermits are dangers in my book as well. They do nothing good that snails cant do and often a whole lot of bad on top. Thats my input. Blood/Fire Shrimp hide all day, peppermints as well. Coral bandeds can grow up into bastards... so skunk cleaners are the only thing with shells in my tanks. They also seem to make it through every time I have to use interceptor to treat for red bugs. I decided to risk it in the first place... figured that they were the only thing I would lose and well worth it to save the corals. Now, whenever I need to bomb for red-bugs, no crabs means I have nothing to worry about.