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  1. Chris' Creative Container Pico!

    I like it that's the look I'm going for a mangrove island scape look, will be following along
  2. Oceanbox Designs® is officially official :)

    Always keep going and keep up the good work
  3. best too for scraping algae off my biocube

    Any plastic "credit card" or gift card will work as long as it doesn't have raised lettering it will be fine I use it in my tanks my mag float scratched my acrylic due to sand or debris so I just use the credit card now
  4. So I decided I'm gonna join in I got the perfect container and a stand for it, tomorrow I'll start a thread but here's a quick shot of my container p.s. the tobasco is giant, it makes the container look small but it's probably 1.75 gallons
  5. best too for scraping algae off my biocube

    100% use a blank credit card or like an AutoZone rewards card the hard plastic card works perfect and won't scratch acrylic I use my "server clock in card" which is basically a blank credit card lol works perfect Shouldn't scratch glass either
  6. I may be getting in on this I saw a cool vase at my work I might ask and take it, was thinking the flask would be cool too have a 4L one but a powerhead would be hard to get in there I measured... so many options so little time..
  7. Majano? Or Graceful

    I've noticed when they are that small I spot feed them with the liquid in a frozen mysis cube I always get a good response from this "juice" my tank eats one frozen mysis cube every 3 days about, so the juice that's left I suck up in a syringe and squeeze it on my sps and this anemone
  8. Majano? Or Graceful

    Does look similar but yours has more of a defined "skirt" on mine the tentacles come out of everywhere on it not just a skirt ring. Still young looking though you should give it a bit to color up
  9. Majano? Or Graceful

    I actually thought hairy mushroom for a while and it still may be, I'll keep feeding it and keep an eye out for splitting or babies I love the color on it which my camera can't catch it's all speckled looking.
  10. Majano? Or Graceful

    Here is an updated picture I feed it mysis about once a week still has not spread and I don't know about majano anymore
  11. Josh's 12" cube

    It would start to crawl up the glass I'd scrape it off and that would make a foundation for itself, it spread on top of the sand when I removed it there was a lot of sand permanently stuck to it so it did grow on/across the sand about 2 inches across the sand to the closest rock and once it hit another rock it spread quickly I really liked it and the colors were awesome but the polyps agrivate other corals and smoother them then grow on top of them.
  12. Josh's 12" cube

    Took out the gsp had too it started making my zoa s close and taking over them so I took a hammer and screw driver and broke the rock off and got rid of all gsp still 2 stalks have popped out of the sand bed never again will I put it in my tank looks awesome but very invasive lol still feeding my majano and it's getting bigger hard to get a good shot of it but it's a cool anemone so I let it stay unless it starts spreading
  13. Tank switch

    Do you currently run a sump? Do you have a sand bed? If yes and yes I wouldn't be too concerned you may have a small cycle due to some die off but if you don't have a sump or sand a lot of the beneficial bacteria will be on the walls and any filters and power heads as well as your live rock so you may need to keep an eye on your ammonia levels
  14. The FTS Thread!

    My 12"cube about 8 months old.
  15. Josh's 12" cube