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  1. specore

    Curryfire's Fusion 30L Build

    I run two as well. Think they have a tough time pushing flow all the way across the 36 inch tank.
  2. specore

    Hi, new nano reefer

    ? ? ? 🙂
  3. specore

    Curryfire's Fusion 30L Build

    Seems to be a lot going on for such a young tank. Skimmer, GFO, UV, and chaeto is a lot of filtration for a brand new tank with liuttle to no bioload. I would guess the skimmer and GFO contributed to the demise of you chaeto. Also the cloudiness is usually a bacteria bloom which is pretty common for new tanks and would have cleared up in short order with or without the UV. Love the stand and the scape btw 🙂
  4. specore

    Hi, new nano reefer

    Sometimes there is such a thing as too much information. Your tank is only in its infancy so please don't go and try to raise nutrient levels just yet. Give it a few months to begin maturing and settle into a groove, then think about these sort of things. Seems like there are more and more new hobbyists having nuisance algae or cyano outbreaks from trying to increase nutrient levels. Removing anything with GFO would be a good idea though. Just my two cents from 15+ years experience...obviously others will disagree.
  5. specore

    LITTLE BLUE - MixReef 30L

    Santa did good 🎅
  6. specore

    ADA - the 2 island reef

    Tank is looking nice 🙂
  7. specore

    Random fish deaths, possible maroon attack?

    Probably so, maroons are extremely aggressive. The six line hiding at the surface certainly looks like a fish that is being bullied.
  8. specore

    My first saltwater build

    Lost your SPS?
  9. specore

    Shrimp and Goby combo

    New goby or the original?
  10. specore

    Rimless Hang On LED Install

    A thin square of plexiglass would work well and not be too obvious visually
  11. Definitely have a bully. Now leaning towards the hawkfish as the culprit. Witnessed him harassing the larger cardinal today during a pellet feeding.
  12. specore

    MIcoast's IM30L - 12/9 photo dump

    You sure he's not just chasing pods, etc hidden in the zoas? Just a thought, I've never seen any of mine anywhere near my zoas, of course I never can keep zoas happy anyhow.
  13. specore


    Harry's feeling hostile today 🙂
  14. I would clean it up and use masking tape to hold a paper towel over that spot. See if it collects any moisture, etc. If were from water coming over the sides I would think you would be able to see the drip marks (I always can at least)
  15. specore

    Low Maintenance First Tank - Questions

    Yeah, I got 0 out of the tap too. I run two chloramine blocks myself, no reason to take chances. The only tank I have seen actually crash from chloramines though was one where he didn't do water changes and the chloramines just kept building up as he topped off. I suspect a lot of people get by without worrying about chloramines because they do regular water changes, keeping the chloramine levels under control.