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  1. specore

    Biocube 32 return pump

    I honestly think people worry too much about their return pumps. Flow should come from powerheads, returns just provide mechanical and chemical filtration. Increasing flow will help mechanical filtration, but doesn't really increase chemical. Also, if you're not careful you will overwhelm your media basket, which will only hurt mechanical filtration. If you can find a DC pump to fit (and if it is in the budget) it may be the best option as you can dial it in to the capacity of the media rack.
  2. specore

    Kessil or Radion?

    Kessil's are great lights and you'll love it. However, if you ever decide to upgrade definitely go Nanobox over Radion
  3. specore

    Copedog's ADA 60P - First Reef

    Looks great!
  4. They've only been in the tank for 24 hrs. I'm going to try 4-5 small feedings a day for now. I would live to eventually get them eating small pellets or flake and cut back to 2x a day.
  5. Really pleased with the progress these guys are making. This is video of a Nutramar Ova feeding. Next time I'll turn off my computer monitors and mute the television 😊
  6. specore

    Biocube 32 return pump

    Think most people go to the MJ1200.
  7. specore

    Fish Sitter - Going Rate?

    I personally would call a couple of companies who do tank maintenance professionally. You never know what you are getting into when you let someone you barely know into your home. I would feel much better about a company which was bonded than even my favorite LFS people.
  8. specore

    Fish Sitter - Going Rate?

    Right??? As I type this there is a company poop scooping my back yard right now for $12, and that is a way worse job than topping off and feeding a tank.
  9. specore

    Fish Sitter - Going Rate?

    Honestly I would just ask him. My guess is he would probably do it for less then $25/day, especially if it is on his way to work. I mean what are we talking about, 15 minutes?
  10. specore

    Healthy Light Cycle w/o Sun Features?

    The sunrise/sunset is exactly what you described it as...a fancy feature. While it is neat, I'm pretty sure it has approximately zero impact on the health of my corals. As far as photoperiod, I think the general consensus is anything between 10-12 hours is ideal.
  11. Also got my fuge going tonight. @inTank Fuge basket, $20 amazon grow light and chaeto from a local reefer. Have it set to run from 11:30 pm to 7am ATM, hoping to minimize my daily pH swings. Note: Much softer light than appears in the picture
  12. specore

    Fish Sitter - Going Rate?

    Still is in this case...thanks for playing Your Friendly NR Community CPA lol...so true
  13. Picked up some Nutramar Ova and this new frozen food I've never seen before. I feel like if (BIG if) I can get them eating we've got a great shot, especially since I spend 50 hours a week next to the tank and am not afraid to do several small feedings a day.
  14. Thanks, she is a great dog. Only issue we have with her is she absolutely destroys the yard where she likes to run by the fence.