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  1. Is still chugging along lol. I'll try and get an update soon
  2. Conches do a great job but you probably need at least a 30 gallon to support one.
  3. Probably a lot contributing, including the fact that it's just a young immature tank. But nitrates that high will definitely fuel algae growth and anything over 40ppm could be toxic.
  4. Yep. You need to do a couple of 50% water changes and stop feeding. Every time you feed you also feed algae. You can blackout and peroxide dose to your hearts desire, but that only covers up the symptoms, doesn't fix the issue.
  5. Are you feeding anything in the tank?
  6. Please don't start peroxide dosing. New tanks will go through various algae blooms. If you are feeding any inverts in the tank stop. It doesn't appear you have fish, but if so make sure you aren't overfeeding them either.
  7. They don't stop. Especially now that they know they have gotten under my skin...its like watching my children
  8. I swear, why do so many degenerate trolls hang out in the NR Lounge? I'm pretty sure a lot of them don't even have a tank and just want to talk about beer, bowel movements and food outside the occasional break to troll someone's thread. I mean this stuff is seriously mindless, no wonder they get bored and sh*t on everything they can.
  9. The inTank may not be the cheapest but it is definitely the best value. That stuff is hands down the best filter floss you can buy and the others I have tried (both filament and pads) have come nowhere close. Last time I ordered I got enough to qualify for free shipping and it will last me probably at least 9 months.
  10. This is how bad it's gotten around here. Three more additions today. Between animals we're already committed to and anything we see at that local reptile show tomorrow this will be mostly filled by Sunday.
  11. For those who ship corals, has anyone ever tried shipyourreptiles.com? Looks essentially like a FedEx group buy for shipping reptiles, but when I read the FAQ it specifically lists fish and corals as animals that can be shipped through this site. Apparently this is the gold standard for the reptile hobby and professional reptile breeders, so must be something to it. Definitely worth checking out for those of you that ship a lot of coral @HarryPotter https://shipyourreptiles.com/
  12. Yep. I threw in the towel and just dose every hour of every day. Reverse lighting my fuge, night dosing, etc, still get the same pH drop as I would without those things.
  13. Well the solution itself is higher in pH, so even if there's not a direct correlation between alk there certainly is between calcium carbonate solution and pH. My pH seems constantly to ebbing and flowing without reason, so wouldn't worry about it. Not if it suddenly spikes then something is definitely off. Really is more useful for people running a calcium reactor with CO2. ***suppose pH would be helpful in identifying an issue with your lights not coming on or not going off
  14. That's probably it. Could Co2 levels be lower with you and the wife out of the house? And I've made a mental note that swimming in "rivers" in borderline third world countries is not a good idea.
  15. Well that's what they get for going to DR and swimming in a river lol. Could have gone to Mississippi to do that 🙂
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