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  1. specore

    Mark's 150 (NanoBox Retro)

    I think the most frustrating part for me is I still jump every time mine bites me. It's not like it really hurts, and you'd think by now I'd be expecting it. Yet it still seems to take me by surprise about 50% of the time causing me to flinch and splash tank water everywhere.
  2. Had a whole anniversary weekend planned around a music festival. Day 2 gets cancelled due to weather, so instead we spend the day at the antique mall and find a cool sign for the tank.
  3. specore

    Paneubert's 40G Breeder - Round 2

    They're pretty much gonna do what they please. In my experience these guys will eventually settle down, and once they do will not move again.
  4. specore

    Random flow/waves beneficial?

    I don't think it hurts, but don't think it necessary either. To me the biggest consideration with DC pumps is the ability to dial the flow exactly where you want it. With non-controllable pumps you are much more limited. For example, maybe your corals would be happiest with a 1100 gph powerhead, but with non controllable you may have to choose between 750 gph and 1600 gph. Contrast that with a dc pump where you can play with it and find that perfect amount of flow that makes everyone happy.
  5. specore

    Favorite Salt Mix?

    I use the esv salt. It is as little more involved but mixes completely clean with zero precipitate
  6. specore

    Float Switch Holder

    I personally wouldn't trust it with a regular float switch, regardless of the answer. An optical sensor has very little buoyancy, vs a float switch which has a lot of bouyancy and could easily move these magnets over the course of a few cycles.
  7. specore

    100 gallons behind a wall

    Lol... The"Sting " on these guys is more of a glue sensation. Won't feel a thing, just have something really sticky attached to your finger. And the maxis don't really move. Mine have stayed put for years at a time.
  8. Rest in peace little buddy. It was a good 4 years.
  9. specore

    Steve’s LEDs ramp?

    If you do the bluefish option it definitely has a ramp, not sure about the other controller they offer.
  10. specore

    Oli's New Fluval 13.5

    Mine didn't, but by the shape it looks like a new polyp.
  11. specore

    Filter media

    And definitely run filter floss. It is amazing how much gunk I export every couple of days just by changing out the floss.
  12. specore

    Wyatt45 Biocube 16

    In my old Nanocube I used to keep a plastic bottle (maybe 48 oz) under the stand with RO/DI and just use it to top off the water every couple of days, or when I thought about it. You don't have to be militant about it, but still the more often the better.
  13. specore

    Oli's New Fluval 13.5

    Looks like a new head to me. At least that's how my duncan looks when sprouting a new polyp.
  14. specore

    Another hitchhiker ID

    Do you mean hydroid, instead of hydroxide?