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  1. WTB Mantis Shrimp

    I have a beautiful 2 1/2 inch green mantis in my sump he came on the live rock from florida PM if you are interested.
  2. SPS browning

    the frags have been in the tank for 4 months, they just don't have the color or polyp extension of when i bought them. i will work on getting pictures up, my alk is 2.6 ca is 480 and mg is 1340
  3. SPS browning

    okay so I am somewhat new in the spa world. i have a few acros and some montipora, the montipora look great but the acros are not extending their polyps and some closer to the light are turning a lighter brownish color. no nitrates no phosphates, what could this be? i run aqua illumination sol whites at around 50% and i have two mp40s for flow...
  4. FS: chaeto shipped

    PM me if you still got any bags with pods and worms!!
  5. Aussi Acans and Favias

    what is the cost of shipping to 02874? would you mind shooting me a PM cuz I'm interested and your inbox is full thanks, maxx