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  1. What to do?

    So I started off my 10G with a maxijet 400 but it was pretty big and took up a lot of space so i got a koralia 240. I ran it for about a month but the cyano started to get out of control. I switched back to the maxijet but now my tailspot blenny will not come out of his rock. Its a catch 22.
  2. Lighting Ideas for 10 Gallon

    ugh its out of stock
  3. Lighting Ideas for 10 Gallon

    http://www.aquatraders.com/LED-Freshwater-Bright-p/56202.htm would this one be okay? the only coral I have right now is a medium sized colony of waving hand anthelias but eventually i want to cover the tank with coral
  4. Lighting Ideas for 10 Gallon

    hmm i like the price for the 4x24 but my tank is only 20" long so i dont think it would work
  5. Lighting Ideas for 10 Gallon

    I really want a new light for my tank. Currently I am using Aquaticlife T5 HO 18" fixture. i am not a huge fan and would like some more Wattage. Any Ideas? I really don't have much to spend. Oh its a dual lamp so it has 2 x 18W bulbs
  6. 20" T5 bulbs

    Can any one help me find this bulbs online? Im having trouble. I am running 2x18w right now.
  7. Mangrove

    So I am having a bit of a cyano breakout in my 10 gallon and I have tried everything from upping my CUC to lowering feedings and lowering the amount of light to no avail. Can I plant a mangrove or something directly in my tank? I am going to start a AC70 refugium at some point but just not feelin it yet.
  8. red cyanobacteria/red algae

    Yeah I have always gotten water from LFS and they use RO water. How do you up your PH if it is in fact low?
  9. red cyanobacteria/red algae

    Well just orderdred a quick crew from reefcleaners so hopefully those ceriths will get under my sand and take care of the red algae.
  10. red cyanobacteria/red algae

    So for the past two weeks ive been battling this stuff. I cut down the amount of food from everyday to everyother day. Its hard to measure the amount i feed just a small pinch of Rod's Food(I have 1 occy clown and 1 tailspot blenny and a small frag of GSP's and a fairly large Waving hand anthelias). I have a 10 Gallon setup with a koralia 240 nano. Not sure i can up the powerhead becuase my waving hand anthelias already have good movement any stronger id be afraid it would be too much. I have two T5 lights at 38 watts which i keep on for 8 hours a day. The stuff continues to grow still. My parameters are all good. Nitrates are 0 though id have to believe its becuase the cyanobacteria is using up all the nitrates so that might not be right. Im looking in to changing up my CUC to cerith snails and scarlet reef hermits(right now i just have turbos and blue leg hermits). Any thoughts?
  11. Whats up with my frogspawn?

    Tank is 10 gallons i have two t5 lights that give out 38 watts plus some LEDS to bump the total wattage up to 50. I have a koralia 240 it gives out a good amount of flow for my GSP's and waving hand anthelias. I put the frogspawn in a spot where the LR would take the brunt of the flow but they still get some flow. Yeah, It was a small frag to start with so at its longest it only came out about 2 centimeters but now it just hides and i can tell the color still looks fine. Im stumped. On a good note heres my Waving Hands, I love them.
  12. Whats up with my frogspawn?

    So i got a frogspawn frag about two weeks ago and it looked good for the first two-three days, ever since it just hasn't been coming out. All my params are good, my other corals are doing well. I have it a little lower than middle of the tank and the flow doesnt hit it directly so its not too strong for it. Should I just continue to be patient?
  13. Dumb Question Alert!

    So i have a 10 gallon tank with 13 lbs of LR. 1 of the pieces is 9 lbs and a monster for my tank. If i took a chisel and cracked it in half, would that cause any potential problems? I am just very restricted in my aquascaping with it, I want to have more sand space to play with.
  14. Ammonia spike normal after CUC ?

    Did your take go through a full cycle before adding the CUC?
  15. New top for 10 G

    No nothing chasing him..the only other fish I have is a an Ocellaris and they get along just fine. I will give it a shot because I hate having a top on it.