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  1. Fish suggestions in 29 g tank

    I had a canary wrasse and I lost it when it jumped through the net covering the tank.
  2. Fish suggestions in 29 g tank

    I have 2 clownfish and 2 Azure Damsels. They are pretty well established in the tank. What fish would you suggest as the last one. It can't be a shy fish I assume
  3. Are BBEB smaller than other zoas?

    Thanks a lot. I had maybe 20-30 zoas but these are definitely the smallest.
  4. Are BBEB smaller than other zoas?

    I'm not good with slangs and dialects Thanks. They have adequate light. I think, although I'm not sure that the person who sold it to me fragged the small (baby) zoa, and this is what I got. It never fully "grown up" Stupid theory but maybe there is something in it.
  5. Are BBEB smaller than other zoas?

    What is a purty zoa? I've never heard of those?
  6. Are BBEB smaller than other zoas?

    That's right. Blonde Blue Eye B...
  7. I will not translate this zoa name, so this is the question for those who own them. I have those zoas for about a year now. They multiply, grow and are fully opened but they are significantly smaller than average zoa, like radioactive dragon eye or eagle eye for example. Is this normal or I got a smaller ones?
  8. mixing salts!?

    No problem at all.
  9. Duncan wont open?

    The frag is on the substrate so it may be also bothered by crabs and snails.
  10. Apex Jr. Programming Help!

    Sorry, my mistake. of course 019:40
  11. Apex Jr. Programming Help!

    Actually it should be like this: Fallback ON OSC 000:00/000:20/019:50 Then ON
  12. BRS Media Reactor on NANO?

    Seltz L30. This one http://www.drsfostersmith.com/product/prod_display.cfm?pcatid=21413
  13. BRS Media Reactor on NANO?

    Did you consider my option? I installed the reactor with an external pump and it works perfectly.
  14. Lighting for 29g?

    I have Razor 160W 27" 16k over the same tank you discribe. It covers the tank perfectly. You can keep watever you want under those lights. Look very nice, work perfectly and have warranty.
  15. damn midas jumped....

    My midas blenny jumped out of the tank when I removed the screen for feeding and was busy on my computer. I heard a strange noise and here he was on the wooden floor. It had to happen just a moment earlier so he survived and he lives well since then, however I lost 1 male clownfish who jumped on the net close to the HOB skimmer. I installed additional screen that covers the tank tightly.