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  1. In case you are wondering, the flight from San Antonio Texas to Newark, New Jersey costs about $250. The whole thing would cost no more than $500. That is less than 1/4 of the requested refund. It did make financial sense to come over. I myself checked the cost of me flying to San Antonio in case I would have to, and it did make financial sense to fly there. Moreover, I was going to fly my witness there as well. For the record: I still would prefer to settle by receiving the fish as oppose to money. In case the original fish is dead (which I do not believe) I would take another adult Wyoming White Clownfish. I believe this is as far as I can go. Some entertainment out of this: I was contacted by two major court TV companies and they wanted me to go on the national television and settle the case. I did not agree for the obvious reasons, but the phone call from the show was one of the biggest surprises lately
  2. CASE WON. This thief and liar said the following on March 23: So where were you? You told me you will listen to the judge only, and you said on this very forum you're waiting on the judge to make the judgement. Well he did and you lost by default. If you were so innocent you should have come to court and deny the accusations. You knew very well there is no way to deny your fraud as my case was bullet proof. I even went to Fedex, and they were ready to explain to the judge what would happen to the fish if they opened up the box. Their internal policies are very well written. More, you were not picking up my court documents that were sent USPS using certified mail, hoping the out of state case would not be able to proceed without affidavit of service. Unfortunately for you, you did not know I hired a private detective, and he was able to serve you papers. On one side you are telling your "supporters" on the forum that you took the "high road" and you're waiting on the case, but on the other side you're not picking up court papers in order to avoid court. When you committed this fraud you did not know me and you did not know I am very patient, and I have a very far legal reach. I will get my money, or my fish (the fish is legally mine) back one way or the other, and I'll make this an example case, so that others think twice before they pull a scam. This fish thing is a hobby after all, why would one hobbyist scam another hobbyist for a single dollar is beyond me. Attached is the certified latter that returned to me, so others can see how he was "waiting" for the judge to make a ruling. Liar.
  3. Private message to me from another forum: This makes 4 different people he scammed or tried to scam.
  4. Attached is the close up image of the box. Tell me who sends a package like that? Did you ever receive an aquatic shipment in a box like this? Only someone who knows water is all over the box and does not want the shipping company to notice will over tape like this. - but that eliminates the fake assumptions about the shipping company. That's all I need. I am covered when it comes to the rest. I can post the pictures of the box from every angle and you will see the over taping was not tempered with by anybody. Having said that I do not need to post anything more. That's it for me. I would never ever buy from anyone like that anymore. You guys can make as many assumptions as you like, me and Rudy know he is a fraudster who stole the money and will have to come up with it to give it back.
  5. You create stories based on your own assumptions that are not true in this case. Fedex did not pour the missing fish down the drain with the remaining water, because the water was in the box when I received it. They also did not empty the rest of the water from the leaking box like you're saying, because again the water was there. Last time I'm going to post the facts regarding the shipping: 1. The box was not tempered with. 2. Water from the bag was floating in the second box and some of it was slowly dripping. 3. The over taping of the box was done with a none Fedex tape. 4. Both boxes were over taped. They were over taped, because the water was spilled at home during packing. 5. Rudy can post pictures of the outside box with the label and we can compare the boxes along with the tape. 6. Assumptions that Fedex opened up the box and saw the fish are incorrect. According to Fedex facility that was used by Rudy shipping fish is illegal and any opening of the box would result in a fine along with an undelivered package. Fedex and Rudy called me few days before the actual shipment when Rudy was caught shipping my fish. Fedex told me and Rudy, he can not ship fish from that specific location. He lied to Fedex by telling them he is not shipping fish and the items inside are live frogs. Fedex did not believe the story, because they could hear the water splashing (opened bag of water I'm assuming). That eliminates any doubt when it comes to the shipping company. Coming up with any other assumptions about the shipping provider’s involvement is simply trying to shift the blame away from the scammer. Like I said above the seller can post the pictures of the box and show me the original packaging. He was able to take the video of the bags (he did not, because he knew what was coming, funny thing he did not record the second fish on the video), maybe he has the video of the package as well. I will get my money back one way or the other as I am 100% sure the shipping company did not touch the box and Rudy simply stole the money along with the fish.
  6. Show me where did I accuse you of being the Seller or the Nanny. The only reason I keep replying to you is because you make untrue statements. You twist every sentence in order to appeal correct. That is suspicious.
  7. Please tell me what evidence do you have it is the fault of the shipping company? Email me the evidence
  8. @mrg02d Rudy's nanny who is a member here (hhassall) joined the same month and year you did. If his nanny is here I wonder who else has an account from that house/location and is posting in this thread trying to discredit me. As far as spam goes, go to Gmail, create a new account and email me. Even if I spam it, you do not have to use that account. It won't hurt.
  9. Afraid your email server is the same as for Rudy?
  10. ^ You made untrue, stupid, and unjust accusation. If you can make them why don't you just email me and I'll believe you.
  11. mrg02d, email me at: schabiazabi AT gmail.com
  12. ^ Yes, I was able to confirm it. That was a WW. I have never seen a WW before, and people were PMing me saying it is a Platinum. That's why the confusion. This weekend I bought a pair of Platinums, and now it's super easy to distinguish between the two fish. Having said that, my other WW that I purchased after is a little different when it comes to the orange color. It's simply more orange. I'm hoping this new WW is not a direct sibling, so it will be easier to breed them. They are already in love.
  13. I hate to reply to this thread before the legal verdict is in, but because of mrg02d making untrue claims I want to state few things for the record: 1. I did not use the Paypal Gift method. I used Masspayment and I paid the fee. 2. The package was not damaged like mrg02d suggests. Both boxes were perfectly intact. One of the bags (inside second box) was empty. Water was all over the second box. I'm saying this one more time, so that the seller does not try to pull a fast one in court. Fedex has absolutely nothing to do with this. 3. I did ask for insurance, but the seller replied that he does not know of any insurance for that. 4. When it came to the payment the seller said something like this: You can pay me using the GIFT method or send a regular payment plus the money for the fee. you can go and check my reputation online as I have a perfect feedback so no worries. I did check his reputation and nothing came up, that's why I decided to pay using Masspayment. The legal case is pending and anything can happen, but I am very confident I (along with the shipping company) have done absolutly nothing wrong and I will be able to prove this to the court. mrg02d, you can post all you want, but stay with the facts and do not suggest anything that is not true. You claim to be an expert in Paypal, but you do not know there is a Masspayment fee.
  14. GiantBen, lol, not that I have anything against you, but when you're trying to sound smart with a combination like this: it becomes a comedy. Btw, my new WW loves the other one, and it looks like I will have another pair of WWs soon. All is good after all. I will post once the case settles.
  15. No signature was required. My wife picked up the package few minutes before I came back home. Please list me 1 possible event where a box is not opened, but the fish is not there. I have to admit that I find it funny how many people try to off load the blame to the shipping company. Even Rudy's nanny told me it could have been Fedex. I spoke to Fedex in San Antonio (Rudy's location) and they said it was illegal to ship live fish from the location that Rudy used. Rudy was instructed to call Fedex and find out the proper procedure for shipping, which he never did. No, you're not correct. I asked and paid for before 10AM delivery. Fedex has both by 10AM and by 3PM. When you select one the tracking status webpage on Fedex.com will show you exactly which one it is and it will be delivered accordingly. If you read my original post carefully you would know I was talking about an incorrect tracking number given by Rudy. The tracking number he provided was for RAYNHAM, MA!!. That is not me. He mislead me there as well, and I have no idea why. Here is the tracking number for "my" fish: 800041588780 (Fedex). Maybe that person from RAYNHAM, MA has the other fish. Who knows. It's pending civil case as of now.