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  1. How old are you?

    31 years old with a 1 year old BC 14
  2. Hey thanks for the info colin, unfortunately I already had my order in for the 12k white/blue pro and the 453nm magenta/blue. After I get it installed ill keep a close eye on it and if it doesn't look like my corals are happy I guess ill have to order another panorama pro. Hoping my new fans will be here today and get it all installed tomorrow
  3. Thanks for the detailed how to! Mine should be arriving tomorrow according to the tracker. Now im nervous seeing that you have 2 Pros in your 14g. I ordered a 12k white/blue and a 453nm magenta/blue stunner and worried it wont be enough light now
  4. Fish for a 14gal biocube

    I do a weekly 2.5 gal water change and have never had a problem with parameters being out of check. i have 2 fish and 2 cleaner shrimp. A yellow watchmen goby would be a good fish for your tank as well and cleaner shrimp are really fun if your looking for inverts
  5. Fish for a 14gal biocube

    I have a 6 line wrasse and a banggai cardinal in my 14g bc. The 6 line is colorful and always out inspecting the rock work and always comes near the glass when im near the tank, I like the colors on my banggai but hes kinda boring and just kinda hangs in the water current and only really gets active when he knows hes gonna get fed. Hope that gives you some ideas
  6. ***Jojoe's 14g Biocube w/ LEDS***

    Can i ask what color ratio you are using? Rapid has a full retro kit for the 14g now that has 6 white and 6 blue leds im thinking about getting and was wondering if yours is the same or different colors, i really like the blue color to your tank. Also are you running a dimmer on your led's? Btw thanks for posting a picture of that anemone and getting it identified, i found one im my tank last night and at first i thought it was a mutant super aptasia or something . Turns out nothing to worry about
  7. ***Jojoe's 14g Biocube w/ LEDS***

    Did you use the rapidled retrofit kit or did you build your own?
  8. ***Jojoe's 14g Biocube w/ LEDS***

    Great looking tank jojoe! i have a 14g as well and looking at yours has sold me on doing the led conversion
  9. Philthy Fourteen

    Looking sweet phil! I hope my bc14 looks close to as good when i get everything settled in
  10. Thats awsome! i had a breeding pair od Dendrobates Imitator thumbnail frogs but unfortunatly over the course of 2 days they were eaten by a small spider that somehow got into the terrarium and into their happy hut. Poor things got stuck in its web and sucked dry
  11. As soon as my last auratus dies i plan on rebuilding a frog haven but much smaller, i think the one i have is 30 gallons and at 1 time i had 7 frogs in it but now im down to 1 auratus and i think hes 7 years old now so hes getting close to the end. Great looking lagoon tank as well!
  12. Nice dart frogs! I have a few myself, they have kinda taken a back seat since getting my aquarium up and running lol
  13. Media rack question

    Hey Stevie im planning on ordering a media rack for my 14g biocube next week and im wondering how often the purigen and chempure need to be changed? Thanks in advance
  14. 14g Biocube media rack

    I will do that for sure, i have been looking at the Rapid LED kit that fits right in the biocube lid. Have you heard anything about these? They look fairly straight forward on the install and appear to come with all the hardware except the dimmer control
  15. 14g Biocube media rack

    Perfect with that info ill get everything oredered along with a LED kit for the hood and hopefully be on my way to happier corals and critters!