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  1. Feeding nanofish

    excellent, thank you.
  2. Feeding nanofish

    I don't know, I've never even seen these fish, that's why I was asking.
  3. Hitchhikers on my maxima clam

    If it's any help it has walked a couple of inches to hide under the clam.
  4. Hitchhikers on my maxima clam

    I did think it didn't look like a tridacna, but I don't know what they look like when they're that small. I guess we'll see when they grow.
  5. Hitchhikers on my maxima clam

    Is it possible that they are tiny maxima clams?
  6. I have four more of these still stuck to my maxima clam, possibly more that I can't see. What are they?
  7. Feeding nanofish

    I'm looking at populating my nano with Tryssogobius Colini and/or Trimma rubromaculatus. By the time the tank is ready to have them my rotifer culture will be back at full strength and I was wondering if I can use live rotifers (fed with live phyto) as a staple diet for these fish. There won't be any other fish in the tank. Tankmates will be a couple of Calcinus elegans and a few snails.
  8. Population for nano reef?

    Ok, how does this sound as a revised population: 1 Stenopus cyanoscelis 2 Trimma cana or 2 Tryssogobius colini (would I be able to fit 4 fish?) 7 Sexy shrimps 1 Calcinus elegans hermit (2?) 2 Nassarius snails (or 1 of those larger spotted ones) 4 money cowries 1 minimaxi anemone Corals
  9. Population for nano reef?

    I was thinking of the SG pair, and those two in particular because they wouldn't be moving about too much, but I'm not desperate to have them in there. I would appreciate the sand-churning from the shrimp. If I scrap the SG pair, what do you think of the two nanofish species I mentioned? I have never had anything of the sort, so I would need some advice. Would it be better to have a few of a single species or better singletons of a few species? I would prefer to have a group of social fish I'm not after breeding, I just like seeing the social behaviour. Also if you have some tiny fish to suggest go ahead, I'm all ears, especially if you know of a smaller goby and a smaller pistol that could actually live in there. I'm willing to scrap the idea of a randall's shrimp and hifin goby, but I would really like to have a SG pair if it is possible.
  10. Population for nano reef?

    Come on! 90 views and no help?
  11. I have set up a fluval chi (19 litres) as a nanoreef. It is now running with rock and sand waiting for it to settle, so I have time to think about the population. I have already thought about a highfin goby paired with a randall's pistol shrimp. Two electric blue hermits and two nassarius snails are what I have decided so far. How do you see a small colony of sexy shrimps (seven or so), a minimaxi anemone, two Tryssogobius colini and two Trimma cana to complete the population? Coral-wise, I can't really decide. I wanted to have zoas for sure. I have several frags of montipora digitata that come from my large system, I might add one to this tank. Xenia? Not sure Generically though I'd like it to be soft corals, maybe with an LPS and/or and SPS. The flow comes from a HOB filter that has no filtration media, it is working simply as a pump. It's around the 400lph mark. The light is from a 36w LED bulb with mainly blue LEDs, one green, two red and IIRC two white (total 12x3w LEDs) Any alternative suggestions?
  12. Need opinions on stocking

    My intention is to build two reefs with an empty space in the middle, that should make two clearly marked territories for six lines, firefish, clowns and dwarf angels and territorial fish in general, that is why I was thinking of "chancing" these numbers.What do you think? Btw, I'm dropping the idea of clarkii clowns, and going for two ocellaris and two pink skunk clowns.
  13. Need opinions on stocking

    Apart from these considerations, can you (or anyone for that matter) see any overstocking or compatibility issues?
  14. Need opinions on stocking

    I do in general prefer more smaller fish than fewer larger fish. One thing I'd like to do sometime is get a 3 foot tank and make a FW scape like those FW nano tanks, and fill it with micro rasboras and boraras, with possibly just the one or two larger fish (that won't eat the small ones!) That's why there are all those nano fish, it is a personal preference. Re: the clowns, I do see your point, it's a large tank, and there will be two reefs separated by an empty space (where the clam will go) so two very distinct territories. I could get two different species. How about clarkii and ocellaris? Sorry, one pair of ocellaris is nearly non negotiable, though a picture of a pink skunk in an anemone has gotten me thinking.. Anyway, plenty of time to decide, I will start filling the tank tomorrow, still a while to go before I have to take a decision on any stock. I'm starting toplan now mostly because I want to have a plan before I even start doing anything.
  15. Need opinions on stocking

    75 gallons? How did you get that? 5 feet by 2 feet by 2 feet makes 150 gallons in my book... Btw, the above is a wish list, not a definite stocking plan. It is my first larger-than-a-nano marine tank, so I'm looking for some advice from people who are more expert than I am with these sizes, and with this size of fish too, as several I selected would never go in any of my previous marine tanks.