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  1. What's this paly?

    He's right, the deep purple center kind of gave it away... very nice paly!
  2. What's this paly?

    I believe it's a Raptor's Rainbow if I am not mistaken... Better pic might help though!
  3. The Zoa and Paly Club

    Awkward spot to take a picture, but came out half decent. JF Bloodshots
  4. The Zoa and Paly Club

    Porthole was the best $50 I spent. It's a f2.8 100mm USM.
  5. The Zoa and Paly Club

    I have a Canon T2i with a 100mm Macro I got from Tenor. I have a tripod, but but usually freehand with a porthole from avast.
  6. The Zoa and Paly Club

    I saw that, but I have a feeling more and more like it are about to hit the market soon. One of my over seas guys was posting up some pics of maricultured colonies containing them... but I am not sure if they are making it into the states just yet besides for GB... GB has a great, long-term connection though. I might have to put my bid in on that one though :x
  7. The Zoa and Paly Club

  8. The Zoa and Paly Club

    No, completely different centers / skirts, here's a comparison and btw, thanks for the Macro Lens! Great deal and my shots have improved, but still learning... Oh Eddie, always trolling and assuming without any facts... And there isn't another zoa/paly by that name because I just made that name after searching to see if anyone else had one like it and I couldn't find. Excuse me for doing what hundreds, if not thousands of others have done before me! Lol. Here is a side by side... Molly Popper Palys Rasta Rainbow Palys You can see the centers are completely different, the patterns, etc. Also, the Rasta Rainbow skirt doesn't change colors every other point. The RR has like 4 different colors to each one in the skirt, which the MP is similar, but again, the points change in color every other one. The Molly Poppers is actually cheaper than the Rasta Rainbow, so the "More profit" thing is a complete farce.
  9. The Zoa and Paly Club

    Molly Popper Palys
  10. WTB: Nice chalices!

    CB Flaming Bugatti CB Fuego CB Blue Crush CB Blue Flamethrower WWC Rainbow Boobies CB 3g Mummy Eye CB Original Mummy Eye CB Flamethrower CB My Miami MF Miami Hurricane Tons more... PM me for pics and prices
  11. IMG 3023

  12. Lesions On Chalice?

    Should be fine, but too fresh of a cut to be selling... imho. Looks like it didn't have a chance to even heal over a little.
  13. The Zoa and Paly Club

    I run all the LEDs on 100% to take pictures, the full spectrum *helps* bring out all the colors, even for me who sucks at taking pictures.
  14. The Zoa and Paly Club

    iNSPiRE's on all my tanks besides the 17g nano running the FS PAR38.
  15. The Zoa and Paly Club

    First and Second Picture: MyFrags Atomic Watermelon Palys Third Picture: MyFrags LSD Palys Fourth Picture: MyFrags Mixed Palys - Seductions, Agaves, Pink Rorschach, Hawaiian Greens, Mollies Fifth Picture: MyFrags Green Agaves