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  1. Chuck's 15 gallon

    You said its sumpless, right? Do you think the Aquaclear 50 does the job well? You have circulation too, right?
  2. Jeremycee's Biocube 14 LED

    Cool tank bro! I am going to have a 15gal soon and I hope you can help me building it hehe!
  3. The simplest SW possible?

    So you mean circulation is a MUST but filtration not? Seems good, I might think about doing a pico/nano then in the 5 gallon. How much liverock do you think I should add in there? About 1kg? 2kg? I calculated the cost to setup one and it was like this: 5Gal aquarium Already have Refractometer 50 dollars (Its Brazil...) Tests PH, Amônia (Already have), Nitrite and Nitrate 15 dollars 1-2kg Liverock 20 dollars 5kg RedSea salt with transport 45 dollars Deionizer 80 dollars 1 5L bucket and 1 big 10L 5 dollars Tetra marine flakes 20 dollars Acrilic piece (Barebottom) 10 dollars 2 Cleaner shrimps 10 dollars 2 turbo snails 2 dollars 1 Paguro 1 dollar Total cost: 260 dollars Is that correct?
  4. The simplest SW possible?

    Is it even possible to make a pico/nano reef with no filter ? I really want to have a SW with a shrimp and some soft corals and was guessing if its possible to use my 5gal aquarium to make one. The problem with that 5gal aquarium is that it comes with a bad filter which can only be used for circulation and you cant put any filter on the back of the aquarium because it wont fit with the lid. So, what do you think? I am almost sure that everyone is gunna say that it needs filtering but I just wanted to know. How can I make a cheap and cool reef using that 5gal aquarium ? Any ideas are welcome, but I dont really want to spend much since everything for aquarism is 4x more expensive here in Brazil. Thanks alot!