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  1. primeform

    FS: Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Pro LED Module

    what did you change your setup to? whats lowest youd take shipped?
  2. primeform

    FS: Ecoxotic RGB Panorama Pro LED Module

    maybe if the power supply was included lol
  3. primeform

    New Aquastyle Online LED

    is this setup dimable? would you be willing to redo it to my specs for me?
  4. primeform

    close please

    wrong section. glasscages.com
  5. does it come with the power supply?
  6. what meanwell drivers are those?
  7. primeform

    How's my aquascape so far? Biocube 29

    ya it looks to long for a biocube. are you fitting within the dimensions?
  8. primeform

    Panorama pros or aqua styles

    what about rapidled diy? he has solderless packages. do you want to be able to dim them for sunsent/sunrise? do you have a controller? lots to consider still.
  9. primeform

    msscha's 24 gallon office cube

    In my opinion the best thing you could do would be get a RO/DI at home and mix your own salt. And remember to take the advice from the LFS with grain of salt.
  10. the tech at meanwell seemed to think it would be fine. were still a go but thanks for working with me. if i find for definite it wont work ill let you know.
  11. sorry savage i bought those 3. do you know if i can run ecoxotic strips with these drivers? it says they are 24v, can they handle the 48v driver?
  12. how much for just the tunze? can i get it with the stock cup?
  13. whats your price on the 48Ds? how long they been used? are they less energy efficient if i just run 1 stunner on one of them?
  14. whats the difference between running the 24d and 48ds? those are the dimmable ones right?