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  1. Does nano cube 28 really hold 28 gallons?

    My JBJ nano Intermediate 28 gallon has the ballast going for the LEDs - sucko!!! The part is only made in China, and the company has us filing a claim, but the lady said they just don't have any ballasts and that it is going to be frustrating...
  2. Best Online Vendors

    Cultivated Reef has the BEST customer service hands down, and the acans are great. SPS are amazing too.
  3. Crazy Duncan-

    It's popping out baby heads all over the place! This piece was 2 heads a few months ago, and now is 10.
  4. Hypes Archipelago

    Thanks so much Hype and Albert.
  5. Does anyone else have a Hoke?

    Thanks so much Rehype. Sanchez, does yours have yellow/green inside the tips? They glow yellow under actincs but under more natural lighting look bright green - on the inside where the end polyp comes out.
  6. Does anyone else have a Hoke?

    Hype has one - Acropora hoeksemai
  7. Hypes Archipelago

    Firstly I wanted to say how much of an inspiration you have been in my newest addiction. I just recently bought a "finish piece" for my 28g and was told it was a Hoke - your Acropora hoeksemai. I have two questions if you don't mind. Will it maintain it's color under the LEDs alright (have the JBJ Advanced)? Do you have any pictures of your piece from the side view in it's entirety (I saw the top down shot)? I'm just trying to find the perfect spot for it...
  8. I just bought a brilliant blue "Hoke" frag and was wondering if anyone had a mature colony. If so, could ya post a picture so I can get an idea of where to put it? My frag:
  9. The Acan Club :P

    Some recent pics:
  10. Your favorite coral in your tank

    Like Matt, I love my ORA green birdsnest... I have some new amazing pieces being prepped though. Will be getting them Thursday - Can't wait!!! and my alveopora is neat to watch
  11. I LOVE your poci!!!! I just got back from diving Cozumel, and am stick and chalice addicted. I got in trouble for falling behind on a few shallow dives, just digging the corals. I found a rock that had a huge colony of the most amazing lavender with pink Zoas - I sat there trying to figure out how to smuggle it back!!! lol Glad things have turned around in your tank after the move/crash.
  12. 28G JBJ Nano Cube LED as a reef tank?

    I've had mixed results with SPS. Birdsnest (green and pink) are doing spectacularly just above 1/2 way up. Green Slimer turned brown at 1/3 from bottom - the color returned when I moved it to my tank with less light. An unidentified acro is doing well, but not much color (at this point maybe yellow polyps) 6 inches from the lights. I think it's too bright all in all. As for LPS Sponge Bob is happy at 1/2 way, Alveopora is growing like mad in lower 1/2, Acans are multiplying like crazy with some mild color changes, Zoa's are spreading all over, and Rics aren't quite sure if they are happy. That is my experience so far.
  13. Bubble

    Very very nice!!!
  14. The Acan Club :P

    A couple of my frags. Taken with phone and not edited. Someday can I be in the club? I want to sit at the big kids table.
  15. New birthday critters!

    Glad I'm not the only one who gets birthday corals for themselves! I have an order coming in Tuesday. A little early as my bday is Saturday. They only had one left of a chalice I have been coveting...