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    I have been "reefing" for about 5 years and I had frestwater tanks (mostly Discus) for a few years before that. I currently Have a Biocube 14. I modded the filter, I build my own Mechanical filter in comp. #1 with floss/purigen/ and a polishing pad, I turned chamber #2 into a fuge with 1/3 of the bioballs left(i rinse regularly, but I use them more to harvest pods for my clowns) and cheato/caulderpa with the nano Led light on the back(newer cube/no paint scraping nessasary) I also removed the blue sponge in the pump area and replaced it with a bag of chemi pure. I have 2 Stunner strips installed on the stock reflector, and I use them with the stock lights, and only run the stock white bulb for 3hrs a day for extra coral umph. 20lbs rock GSP, Shrooms, Acans, Frogspawn.

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  1. The Acan Club :P

    Im also interested in this color change. I recieved mine through a website, so i never got to see them in the store, however my largest lord was red and blue, its now pink and purple, my smallest had 2 heads and was baby blue and white, now has 12 heads and is light pink and baby blue, and my enchinta has remained orange, and has gone from one mouth to five. All under LEd lighting in my biocube. I have 8k royal blue, deep blue, and magenta Leds. I also feed as mentioned above, but in 2 months they sure seem to grow fast. Please mention any effects light makes on your acans guys and Gals, it can benefit us all! Love this club! Acans Represent! Yay yay. Haha
  2. Tank set up question.

    Yes you can add Live rock at different times. It will only improve the biological filtration. Many of us added to our reefs as time goes on, not everyone has 200 bucks to spend on friggin rocks at one time. The only important thing is to make sure your tank levels stay consistent at the proper safe levels for atleast 2 weeks before adding fish. A lot of new people add rock, and sand, and after a week the numbers hit zero and they go buy 5 fish that day,(never a good idea anyway,) but meanwhile the levels are going to spike again, even without the fish. So just be careful, and be patient. Build your tank at your own pace, and always buy quality equipment, it pays for itself in the longrun. Good luck.
  3. Ethan's 12g Vagabond Tank

    Yeah the petcos can be hit or miss with stock, but always in bad shape, i feel bad for the fishys but thats why I stop often, bc If you catch stuff when its new it has a better shot. But You can get some deals. Mine still has picasso clowns. 5 left. For 16.99. Marked as true percula. Idiots. I wish i had somewhere to put a pair. Get em humpin. Pay for lots of corals.
  4. Nicks 14g LED Build

    Sorry! Internet was down for a week! Ugh! Pics in a few.
  5. What are the best corals for beginners?

    Welcome! Like they are saying, add some food for a few days, retest, bc often it stabalizes in about a week, remains calm for 3-4 days then levels start creepin, and it goes thru a "real cycle," but then again sometimes not. Just be sure its ready, so you dont waste any money on dead livestock.that said.. I had the same exact lights you have in my BioCube14. Mushrooms do great, Green Star Polyps are easy, zoa's, acans, euphs like frogspawn or hammer coral and most of the brain corals. They all did fine for me, although I just recently switched to LED lights for the blue shimmer, and am now adjusting my corals to that. Good luck!
  6. Ethan's 12g Vagabond Tank

    Nice deal on the new frags! Did you hit up a petco? Just kidding. Cool frag rack. I thought about using a suction cup plastic soapdish from walmart.
  7. Fuge in BC14

    +1 for nano glo. Magnet does work w basket. Great growth.
  8. Nicks 14g LED Build

    I slightly re arranged my scape today. Well ok, almost the whole thing. Needed to move the wavemaker. Will take and post pice tomorrow.
  9. The Acan Club :P

    Im jealous of all his acans! It inspires me! The one that was my smallest is quickly becoming the largest acan I have, the flow brings him pellets when I feed my fish, and it was a pale blue when it arrived but im starting to see slight pink in it, im hoping it turns out to be like his pink and teal, that one is beautiful!
  10. The Acan Club :P

    Yes I feed mine Mysis/brine mix, spectrum pellets thrown in 2 times a week Definatly helps growth, lotta new polyps on my frags Ecoxotic Stunner LEds 2shades of blue, magenta cool white Placed midtank in biocube 14, medium/med low flow. I have noticed growth, polyps are bigger, and color is brighter after I started feeding. They now let me know when its time to eat, I think they benifit a lot more then people think from feedings.
  11. New Biocube 14 owner saying hi.

    You feed it by adding the stuff i mentioned to the whole tank. It will eat it from the water column as it needs to. If you change your water atleast once a week it should be alright. It would die if you broke it off.
  12. New Biocube 14 owner saying hi.

    It helped you had good sand also, just be careful, test often. I have never heard of a one week cycle, even with live rock and sand, it just seems extremely fast. Add livestock slowly, everything, fish, coral, inverts, ect. And max fish is 4, some say 3, but 4 seems to be fine for most. All small of course. Good luck!
  13. New Biocube 14 owner saying hi.

    I had 2 of these in my rock when I got it! They are a type of mollusk/filter feeder. Normally it grows with the intake part facing down. Thats why the whole thing seems to raise and lower, they dont have colot like clams do, they ger encrusted with coraline so they look like part of the rock. They dont do well in small tanks tho, but can be kept alive with suppliment feedings for fine filer feeders. Sno, zooplex, phytoplex. Stuff like that. Mine lived for a year or so. Can fould the water up bad when they die tho. You could easily break it off, and ther will be a perfect flat spot to glue a frag!
  14. New Biocube 14 owner saying hi.

    Nice start to your setup! Make sure to pace yourself, bc in these tanks(i have a BC14 too) a small thing can make a huge impact, meaning every little thing you add will make a difference in water tests. As they said with macro you could take some off your rocks and it will grow in the back, just get some of the roots and it will take quick. It looks like a caulerpa cousin, so its got great benefits for the fish, but most people dont like it in the main tank, bc if you get corals it starts to become a growing warzone in there. I like your scape, but you could have fit the rest in. I have almost 25lbs in mine, click my signature to see. And you can put it up against the back wall without problems, but doing it how you did gives a much better flow and no dead spots back ther from no current, so you did that right leaving 1-1.5. Im at the Pa/Md line. Welcome to Reefing, and Cubing. Theres a biocube club on here, be sure to join! Im following this, love to watch "cubes" come to life.
  15. Nicks 14g LED Build

    I will take some tomorrow, its coming back out now but my lights are about to go off. Its much better looking for sure. I wanna do the blue one but the little heads on the sides are close to the plug as it is, im affraid ill get glue on them, so since its growing so well I may leave it alone bc at this rate it will cover the plug in a month or 2 and I wont have to risk messing her up.