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    I have been "reefing" for about 5 years and I had frestwater tanks (mostly Discus) for a few years before that. I currently Have a Biocube 14. I modded the filter, I build my own Mechanical filter in comp. #1 with floss/purigen/ and a polishing pad, I turned chamber #2 into a fuge with 1/3 of the bioballs left(i rinse regularly, but I use them more to harvest pods for my clowns) and cheato/caulderpa with the nano Led light on the back(newer cube/no paint scraping nessasary) I also removed the blue sponge in the pump area and replaced it with a bag of chemi pure. I have 2 Stunner strips installed on the stock reflector, and I use them with the stock lights, and only run the stock white bulb for 3hrs a day for extra coral umph. 20lbs rock GSP, Shrooms, Acans, Frogspawn.
  1. Thanks ScubaEthan for makin this for me!! mash us of some of my tank pics.
  2. Wow! I know this pic is old, but I came looking to identify one weird Acan I have, and damn if I didnt find it! Looks like theres two of us! Beautiful in their own right. Awesome coral, awesome pic! I got mine as a frag from aqua connection (horrible place and service, but I only ordered once) and I have never found a picture of one like mine until now. How big is it now if You still have it?
  3. Great clown pic! My pair pose all the time, until i get the camera. Anyone kno if theres truth to small black dots on clowns coming from coral stings? I got a free polyp rock from a friend(zoos) and the next day they had some black dots(clowns) and they are slowly fading. Just cant find solid info so thought id ask clown people