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  1. Clownfish biting.

    My female True Perc, only after dark when target feeding a few corals.
  2. Help please -- what's going on?

    What Montipora Eating Nudibranchs look like: The white and frilly nudibranchs are small and grow to about 8 millimeters (1/3 of an inch) in length. These pictures below show the nudibranchs. Typically Montipora Eating Nudibranchs are on the back side of a plating Montipora, notice how hard it is to distinguish between the Montipora Eating Nudibranch and the feather dusters. Montipora Eating Nudibranchs like to hide in hard to find places, they particularly like the underside of plating Montipora and the base of Montipora spongodes.
  3. Garden Eels..

    Tell your friend that all the fish that died needs salt in the water.
  4. Red Sea coral pro salt

    Lotsa discussions on Red Sea Coral Pro. Red Sea claims that you must roll the bucket to mix the salt because the light ends are on top and the heavy ends on the bottom of the bucket do to shipping. Nine days ago, I mixed 25 gallons from a new 55 gallon size bucket of RSCP salt. I thoroughly mixed the dry salt in the plastic bag before mixing with cold RO/DI water; it dissolved quickly to crystal clarity. The #’s were comparable with what Red Sea claims. Two days ago I mixed the remainder of the bucket exactly as last week. This time the water turned very cloudy after bringing it up to DT temperature. I kept the pump and heater running for 24 hours, the water is still cloudy. All the #’s were good so I made the water change; it cleared in the DT within one hour. My mixing container now has a dry white film on the interior side and bottom that easily wipes with a damp rag. I have bounced back and forth between Coral Pro and Reef Crystal’s. My tank seems better with Coral Pro. May be I should try another brand in the future!
  5. Please Help! Cyano issue.

    Hey Fishgirl2393, I just finished reading allfive pages of your post........were we married once?