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  1. BioCube 29 - Harlem Shake Edition

    Back to the forums
  2. BioCube 29 - Harlem Shake Edition

    Thanks for all the great comments guys!!!
  3. With the craze of Harlem Shake, I decided to make my own version with my fish doing harlem shake...This is an older clip of my BioCube.. enjoy lol <iframe width="1280" height="720" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/3mx2pGOlpKI" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
  4. All-In-One Full Tank Shot Thread

    My Reef Tank at exactly 1 Year Mark.... BioCube 29 W/ Ecoxotic Led Modules:
  5. Tunze 9002 Going Nutz

    AquaVitro Fuel?
  6. False floor in biocube 29 in chamber 1?

    Hey, Its been over a year since I did it but was the first thing I did before setting up the tank, getting rid of all the false floors of the biocube, you need to put some pressure in of the corner till it snaps out, Can't remember if i snapped it up or down but alot of force is the trick, I remember some silicone came off along with it, don't mind that it was used to just keep it in place, now you have room to add whatever you want in that chamber....
  7. Tunze 9002 Going Nutz

    But did you guys have micro bubbles inside aquarium? How long before it cleared up? Thanks
  8. Tunze 9002 Going Nutz

    Hey guys have had my biocube running for a year now and have had the Tunze 9002 skimmer in the rear second chamber of my biocube 29 since day one..... Just recently its starting to foam like crazy I had to turn it down alot and creating micro bubbles in my display tank like crazy.... I remember when i first got it, it did that for a bit then went away, but now its been doing it for the past week and not fixing its self.... The only thing i can think of is that I used some expoxy to mount some frags recently and started dosing Aquavitro Fuel.... Its really pissing me off and thinking of taking out the Tunze and replacing it with some cheato... Does anyone know a fix or has anyone come across this?? I hear epoxy might do that some times but for how long, the micro bubbles are killing me lol...... Gonna do a 10 gallon water change this weekend to see if that helps....
  9. Yea Standard Cup is what you need.... I got mine and its the back of the BioCube perfectly, I also like to take it out once in a while and drink a cold beverage with my InTank Cup.... Just go to the biocube section choose the type of biocube you have and will show you whats compatible with your biocube....
  10. FragRock's BioCube - Happy 1st Birthday!

    Thank You... Using Ecoxotic LED Modules...
  11. Hey guys, Just wanted to thank everyone here for all there help with any questions I had... Also wanted to share my reef at its 1 Year Point.... Yesterday was exactly the 1 year point from the time I point in my live rock... Thank You....
  12. BioCube 29 Stand Mods.....

    Here is my tank at exactly one year from the time I point my life rock in....
  13. BioCube 29 Stand Mods.....

    Sweet... Love it bro Looks nice and clean....
  14. BioCube 29 Stand Mods.....

    ^^^^ Sick sick bro nice tank glad that worked out for you... Love your stand and all great work on clean looking biocube.... What kids stand is that? And can you show closer pics of the cut out for the light? That's dope....