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  1. Noob questions. Help? (with photos and detail)

    1. Live rock is your bio filter. 2. I would put one big powerhead, or use two small ones, you need good flow because you are planning to have sps. 3. I would let it cycle with the live rock for at least 2 weeks before putting any fish or corals in the new tank.
  2. 50" long reef

    custom tank
  3. 50" long reef

    No, I'm using it to create a siphon for my overflow.
  4. 50" long reef

    Nothing, that gorg is photosynthetic, all gorgs with brown polyps are.
  5. 50" long reef

  6. Help ID

    I had this rock for more than a year, and I noticed yesterday this yellow coral, any ideas on what it is?
  7. frag id

  8. frag id

    You are right, I need to take care of it right away.
  9. frag id

    I bought this healthy looking frag friday, need help with id
  10. What are your settings on your controller for the temperature? Mine are: If Temp < 76.0 Then ON If Temp > 77.0 Then OFF Since my house stays colder than 70, the heaters on the tank are on and off all the time, should I change the settings to something like on at<76.5 and off >77.0? Is heating the water from 76 to 77 like every hour fine or is it too much temperature fluctuation?
  11. Lower Salinity

    Ok, thank you everyone, I'll take out like a 1/4 G from the DT, and let the ATO replenish the water, and maybe get it to 1.026 tonight, and tomorrow drop it to 1.025
  12. Lower Salinity

    I recently bought a refractometer and my salinity reads at 1.028, and I want to lower it to 1.025. How quick should I lower it? like .001 every hour or everyday? What do you guys recommend?
  13. Refractometer

    Is THIS a good Refractometer? Has anyone used it?
  14. photoperiod for fuge

    I have caulerpa serrulata in my fuge, should I use a 24/7 photo-period or just stick with the 12 hours Im currently doing? BTW, Im also fighting an outbreak of bubble algae in my display tank.
  15. looks like a frag of a Pavona coral