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  1. Reactor under DT w/o sump?

    I know it's an old thread but I was looking around everywhere for this info and eventually someone on here helped me out so I'm paying it forward. all you need are 2 valves close to the inlet and outlet of the reactor. you close them both and you can change the media, open them and you have a functioning reactor. I used a mj600 for my GFO and not a MJ1200 for my biopellets.
  2. BC29 - New design water direction piece

    HQI owners need a slight mod to make this work.
  3. Size of reservoir for BC29?

    see the attached, it's not my setup but this is what i'm talking about. are you mounting it like this?
  4. Size of reservoir for BC29?

    I'll send you a pic of my setup, what brand is yours?
  5. Size of reservoir for BC29?

    Hmm is it Adjustable? I keep my water level in the Middle of that square hole in the wall between the 2nd and 3rd chamber. I found if I go any higher it will make a scum layer in chamber 2. I'm new to the forum but if I can figure out how to post a pic I'll post one tonight.
  6. Skimmer advise

    Seems like to many fish. I'd try and get rid of a few but I don't want to start that debate. I'd go with the largest skimmer you can fit, with that heavy of a bioload you might be vodka dosing soon so a good skimmer is mandatory. Can i ask what kind of fish?
  7. Size of reservoir for BC29?

    I have one from auto top off . Com. It just hangs on on the wall between the second and third chambers.
  8. Size of reservoir for BC29?

    I like the swap-ability of the jugs. one runs out i just swap it and fill the old one when I have time. BUT, I also like the clean-ability of a covered 5G tank. how about a small storage container? like one for Dog food or I've also heard you can use the one's for charcoal storage. Just some options. Also, I have my float switch in the 3rd chamber, I suppose you could use the second but definitely not the first.
  9. Aquaticlife 115 skimmer

    the water level is a bit to high. on mine the water level is below the body of the skimmer and the foam starts about a half inch into the collection cup tube. it takes some tinkering and in order to get mine out of the water enough to be effective I shoved a pen under the bracket to raise it up a little more. hope that helps
  10. Size of reservoir for BC29?

    I used to have a 5 gallon jug but space was to tight for my liking so I just have a 1 gallon water bottle now. I bought 2 and when one empties I just swap them out, they last 2 or 3 days. if I go on vacation for a week I bring back the 5 gallon.
  11. Aaron's 29 Gallon Biocube

    I really like the way you ran the lines for that reactor. I've been looking to see how other people did this. where did you get the "U" lines that come out of the rear chambers? I can't find them anywhere.