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  1. First go at a nano

    I posted a picture of my dwarf BTA in my angler thread.
  2. gonzo's 29g angler habitat

    Well my dwarf BTA must have got fed up with the neighood in my pico and started moving around, so I moved him to the angler tank a couple of days ago. I know to watch out for him getting too big, Jabba could get stung. But this is probably the 4th generation I've had of this BTA, and it doesn't get any bigger than a quarter. I know some of you will say "hey that's a majano," well no sir it isn't. They are dwarves, they don't split nearly as often as a majano. When they do, they tend to congregate in the same area...and yes, clowns will host them. That's the big telltale. Though some clowns will host condy's too...but I'm rambling. This one actually lived adjacent to my BIG RBTA in my 125, but when it split, I just took the rock out and sold the daughter RBTA, and this one has lived in the pico ever since. ALL the mollies have died. I don't know if it was the lack of food or the tank parameters. They were quite young, I'm not a mollie expert, but I do know in the week and a half that they have been in there, I fed them twice. I tested and there is no noticeable Ammonia or Nitrites, and Nitrates are at 20. I'm going to do a water change tomorrow to bring that down and test again. It may push back Jabba's move in date...I want the water to be even better than what he's currently in. Lastly I put in another Tunze 6025. They run opposite each other in 30 minute increments. So one runs clockwise for 30 minutes, and then shuts off when the other comes on going counterclockwise for 30 minutes.
  3. gonzo's 29g angler habitat

    Well i dont know which ones you have read about...these ones arent free swimming, nor are the sexually dimorphic (the male isnt parasitic) and yes! That is his fishing pole! (illicium and esca) Also, snuck in after dark and snapped a picture of this. One of my scarlet hermits cleaning off the black sun coral.
  4. gonzo's 29g angler habitat

    Thanks...I'm going to give it another week to make sure it's suitable for Jabba. I am also going to be adding an orange sponge. I can't wait to see what color Jabba turns
  5. gonzo's 29g angler habitat

    Well I watched as my ammonia spiked and then my nitrites, now there are at 0...it's been one week. So I'm adding some corals that are fairly hardy and that I have lots of, just in case they don't make it, as well as some dragon's breath to add to the color. I want to monitor this tank carefully, because I'm really attached to Jabba. Corals added: Orange monti cap Monti confusa (tan/green with purple growing edge) German blue monti digitata Green digitata Mint chocolate zoas AOG zoas Eagle eye zoas GSP Black sun coral Only two of the mollies remain. I added some hermits yesterday...I haven't seen any dead mollies laying around, they probably helped with feeding the nitrogen cycle as well as provide hermit food.
  6. First go at a nano

    yeah they were under pc's, then one par 30, then one par 38, then the two. my centerpiece for this pico is my crocea...and it appreciates all the light!
  7. First go at a nano

    Thwomp the urchin. He grows more everytime i see him. and here is my baby toadstool Even better picture of Thwomp, with an sd card for scale
  8. First go at a nano

    Yes, but I'm only keeping fragged size coral in there...when they get too big, I'm going to put them in the 125, and frag a bit to put back in the 5.5. We have a good reefer club here, I can share with others. Well the pencil urchin was cooperating, and the BTA was having one of its flaccid days, so it wouldn't have looked that great. I had fed them the night before, it usually looks like that after it expels its waste after feeding. I'll try again tomorrow!
  9. gonzo's 29g angler habitat

    That's half the fun of having an angler! Where in the bay area are you? I used to live in SSF about 10 years ago. I grew up in Daly City till I was 5.
  10. gonzo's 29g angler habitat

    As for care, anglers are pretty tough cookies. They can handle changes in salinity, temperature, etc. Websites may say moderate care, that is because of specialized feedings. Many times you have to start them on ghost shrimp and transition them to SW feeder fish (i choose mollies...they aren't technically saltwater...but they lack thiaminase and are disease resistant in SW) theb eventually to frozen silversides which are the best foods for them. They only need to be fed once a week...though i feed Jabba twice a week. And I'll throw in some mollies to exercise him...I've read that if they are fed 100% of the time they get lazy and lose their will to hunt, therefore will remain even more motionless and develop fatty livers...which doesn't sound like a good thing for them.
  11. First go at a nano

    The pencil urchin and dwarf bta is in the top down picture. I know it's like where's waldo so let me tell you where it is. The urchin is just below the pink maxi mini. The dwarf bta is on the bottom left right near the glass. I really thought it was a majano, even though i bought it from a very reputable lfs. I have got it to split twice since i got it, and it never gets bigger than a 50 cent piece. I got it from reefsystems.com...i lIve by them so i just went and bought him. The proprietor is very knowledgable and helpful. He'll let you know if he has any in case you were interested.
  12. gonzo's 29g angler habitat

    Well i don't have any other filtration besides the rock, macro, and water movement. I've had dsbs in my larger aquariums, and i know the amount of waste a frog and its food creates. I plan on putting a couple of scarlet hermits in there to help the ceriths stir the sand. I have a frag of sun coral that would be perfect. It's only one head right now, it will be cool to see it grow.
  13. Help! Clownfish aren't eating

    Rod's is also amazing...my fish and corals go nuts as soon as i drop any in
  14. First go at a nano

    Well the blue maxi ended up moving lower on the rock, he must not have liked the increased lighting from the par 38s. So while he was in an optimal position for me to remove him, I took him out and fragged him. I put half of him back where he was, and the other in a safe area in the 29 gallon than my angler is currently in. (It's on a frag rack that's suspended near the top, Jabba won't get stung) Hope this is as easy as everyone makes it seem!