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  1. whut
  2. you may as well be handing out the password lgreen.
  3. this copypasta is delicious, you should try some
  4. WAT
  5. Nice shrooms.
  6. O.O
  7. 12g

    Looks good! Nice variety of textures and colors.
  8. SHHH!
  9. Adorable.
  10. Looks good B.
  11. OMG. That looks like a budget-buster.
  12. My BTA is now 3 small BTA's. *sigh
  13. Looks fantastic. Just the right amount of rock IMO.
  14. O.o looks expensive!
  15. No. It should be frozen foods. Also, brine shrimp are the nutritional equivalent of us eating something like saltines. Mysis is probably best, but variety is very important to include.