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  1. How do I keep SPS?

    I can always swap out bulbs,I traded my livestock for the fixture+bulbs with my Cousin and bulbs will be needing a change in 4 months so I can get new ones. I like the bluer side of the spectrum because I enjoy having the corals colors pop.
  2. How do I keep SPS?

    Okay, thanks very much to everyone for giving me Advice and support! I has just read about test kits and they said that a lot of test kits are off,I use the API test kits. The article says those are off alot and I agree,when I use them It's hard to tell and sometimes many off. What tests kits are good and spot of for calcium and phosphates Also how many fish will I be able to have. I have 2 clowns+nem Also I have wanted 2 flasher or fairy wrasses and two candy basslets Will that be fine on bioload?
  3. How do I keep SPS?

    I just tore my Tank down and gave everything livestock to my cousin. I am now re doing my tank. It's a custom 38x17x17 I have for flow 2x mp10 Lighting is ati 6 bulb with 4 blue+ and 2 purple + Skimmer is a Needle wheel 150 reef octopus. Sump is a 28x14x14 Will this be sufficient to keep SPS? I use coral pro salt by red sea. Someone told me to switch to reef crystals should I? What else do I need to keep SPS corals? I have plenty flow,good light,also will buy gfo + carbon reactor. What else other than calcium/alk/mag dosing?
  4. BEWARE possible account fraud!

    the deal is that he is still stuck on a situation
  5. BEWARE possible account fraud!

    lol at this guy trying to get attention
  6. HELP

    defiantly pry the sucker open and and feed him to your fish.
  7. New light clam acting odd

    yeah,your clam is gonna spawn.
  8. Bubble Tip Sucked by filter

    probably wont make it
  9. 916 pico reef

    LOL at the tang where the tang pigs at?
  10. rocker99

    I saw some of it...it was gross,c'mon now at least he could have posted something decent.
  11. FS:. Custom mesh aquarium lids

    I believe you only get 60 days after payment to file a dispute. Not sure thou,just remeber reading that somewhere on PayPal.
  12. My iPhone 4 photography

    Yeah but those people expect the lens to do the same thing as a $500 macro lense. $10 for a lense like this is great,PLUS it comes with a wide angle lense,they are well built and work for a Chinese product. Also,if anyone is leaning towards buying one buy the ones from Hk.it may take another week or two to get but some eBay seller have these selling them in the conus and charging $30 PER lense. I belive I paid $20 for the macro+wide angle and fisheye. Just a heads up for those who are more lenient with time.
  13. My iPhone 4 photography

    No, raised my frag rack upto the water line.
  14. My iPhone 4 photography

    More pics,colors are VERY washed out Oh and btw if you have an iPhone...download snapseed,amazing photo app.