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  1. For sale jbj 24 no hood comes with InTank media rack Hydor nano slim skim* top washer broke still works* Jebao Rw-4 Ehiem heater Rio return pump Tunze nano Ato Current Orbit Marine LED CPR fish acclimator 2-5gal jugs --CORAL-- 1-Small anemone 1-orange green Ricordea Blue mushrooms Gold- mushroom Red-mushroom 20ish green Zoas and a couple others Gold palys an purple 4- heads bluish trumpets 4- heads green trumpets Clove ployps 1- orange fungia 1-rainbow fungia 3 - head acan on plug another with 5/6 hds 1- torch coral 3 heads 1- purple/green hammer 1- pink hammer 1-coco worm 1-chalice Xenia **FISH** 1- royal gramma 1-6 line Snail an hermit Tanks been up for a yr or so I do weekly water changes. I throw in a new refractometer a timer hoses food what ever else I have $350 Jonathan 562-305-6234 plz txt can send pics
  2. NanoBox HOW TO Bluefish : Tide/Duo/Quad Series

    Is there a reason why you don't recommend " option C" in the sunrise sunset coulmn?
  3. JBJ 45 Lighting

    Nano box quad
  4. Lighting for nuvo 50 gal

    Thank you
  5. Lighting for nuvo 50 gal

    Hello looking into upgrading to the new nuvo 50 gal AIO.Wondering if 2 Kessil a160w would be enough for a mixed reef mostly softies an lps not into sps yet.tank is 36x24x16.Thanks
  6. I wrapped my tank in a sun shade from my car and point a rotating fan at it. My house gets hot even with windows open 86ish. Looks ugly but it works good doesnt rise above 78...jbj 24 gal.no lid
  7. What do you use to clean outside glass?

    Windex on ppr towel an wipe away
  8. Hi was wondering where can I get a light fixture like that?
  9. Kool Sig....*u*k jets great win for the phins
  10. Day Job

    Conductor on the railroads in the port of Lb.CA.
  11. FS , Custom LEDs and fixture

    Interested in light just wondering if it would be to much light for a Jbj 24gal? Don't have anything in there just gettin started.
  12. So I messed up bought the wrong size skimmer used. I bought the Hydor Slim Skim instead of the Nano. Prob.now is it doesn't fit in the rear chamber of my Jbj 24. Could I splice it in half cut out 1/2inch epoxy it back together an still have it work as it should?? Thx for the help....can't return it either
  13. FS Hydor Slim Skim

    How did you like the skimmer? I'm looking into getting the nano version..Glws
  14. FS MP10ES

    I call dibs on it my EBT just came lmao !!! Sorry guys!