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  1. For sale jbj 24 no hood comes with InTank media rack Hydor nano slim skim* top washer broke still works* Jebao Rw-4 Ehiem heater Rio return pump Tunze nano Ato Current Orbit Marine LED CPR fish acclimator 2-5gal jugs --CORAL-- 1-Small anemone 1-orange green Ricordea Blue mushrooms Gold- mushroom Red-mushroom 20ish green Zoas and a couple others Gold palys an purple 4- heads bluish trumpets 4- heads green trumpets Clove ployps 1- orange fungia 1-rainbow fungia 3 - head acan on plug another with 5/6 hds 1- torch coral 3 heads 1- purple/green hammer 1- pink hammer 1-coco worm 1-chalice Xenia **FISH** 1- royal gramma 1-6 line Snail an hermit Tanks been up for a yr or so I do weekly water changes. I throw in a new refractometer a timer hoses food what ever else I have $350 Jonathan 562-305-6234 plz txt can send pics
  2. Is there a reason why you don't recommend " option C" in the sunrise sunset coulmn?
  3. Nano box quad
  4. Thank you
  5. Hello looking into upgrading to the new nuvo 50 gal AIO.Wondering if 2 Kessil a160w would be enough for a mixed reef mostly softies an lps not into sps yet.tank is 36x24x16.Thanks