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  1. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    Those will be WAYYY to red and very overpowering.
  2. Sanding overflow box

    you shouldnt need to sand. just use krylon fusion and apply several very light coats. don't try to paint it all in one go
  3. Meep's 5g with clam

    People that get offended at the word retarded are incredibly petty, you don't wanna associate yourself with them anyway. They just have to have something to get upset about.
  4. How slow of a stream is your RO/DI BRS producing?

    wow! you guys are lucky at my good ole 42 psi water pressure it takes me just over 2 hours to make 5g outta a 75gpd. I can start my ro in a 20g aquarium when i go to bed and when i get up 9 hours later it isnt full yet
  5. What is this? WORM?

    looks like aiptasia to me
  6. i get this whenever I let my filters go too long on my RO/DI. I think it is precipitate
  7. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    Mine are at 50:50 b:cw with just a couple warm whites thrown in the mix. very nice 14k or so. Just counted Total numbers are 14 1x3w blues 10 1x3w cool whites and 3 1x3w warm whites
  8. GU10 LED Build Thread (Chinese Ebay Lights)

    I have 2 rows of 14 on my 40b, spaced exactly 6 inches apart. Works pretty good, Coverage is almost perfect @ 11" off the water
  9. Local mystery fish ID

    Naa. I would be the first to admit if i were in an area were collecting was allowed, my tank would be FULL of specimens i collected myself. Its just kinda cool knowing its stuff you got yourself.
  10. moving sale lots of goodies

    location and are you shipping smaller stuff? pics?
  11. Clown Fish Breeder

    probably pickle. he is one of the bigger breeders here
  12. These chinese leds look good?

    Also, you will want more blue than that... 2b:5w isn't gonna look too good, what is the spectrum of the whites? Additionally straight red makes a fixture look like crap because it is really overpowering. You need like a deep red to not wash out your other colors.
  13. Skimmer Suggestions

    I believe the 120 cant be fully disassembled the way the others can be, which proves problematic
  14. Skimmer Suggestions

    http://www.ebay.com/itm/Factory-direct-sal...=item589424617f Pretty good bang for the buck with that one
  15. Water chemistry confusion

    I disagree. The API kit will easily tell you if you have detectable phosphate or not, and IMO that's all you really need to kno. If you can detect any phosphate on an API kit you have too much. Plain and simple. OP I can tell you already you need new DI resin if phosphate is getting through. PO4 is pretty weakly ionized and is the first thing to break through when your DI is exhausted. Also if the integrity of your RODI is in question you REALLY need a TDS meter. If your water is higher than 1-2(or even arguably 0) ppm it is too high. Also, you cannot accurately test Phosphate in RODI or "ultra pure" water, as it tends to cause a false positive, which is another reason you need a TDS meter. Finally, successful reef keeping starts with good source water. Not running phosban later on to combat an issue you could have controlled in the first place. HTH