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  1. dallasprstn

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    Hey, still working prizes and stuff out. I'll update in the next day or two.
  2. dallasprstn

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    now that's mikes done with reefapalooza, we're judging you guys! I will admit, it's taken a lot longer than I would have hoped for, but what can you do when the main judge and supplier of the big prize is busy? it won't be much longer at all though. don't give up on us just yet! more coming asap(notice the tone in that asap.) dallas.
  3. dallasprstn

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    Didn't skip out! Sorry guys, I've had a crazy first two weeks of October but we're getting things figured out right now. Mike from Micro-Reefs is really busy right now, and I'm still working on getting the prizes all figured out and who's shipping what to where. It's gonna be a little bit longer but I'm sure everyone will walk out happy! All the tanks seemed to look pretty good, and its awesome to see where they've came from. We will get everything solved pretty soon, it's just taking a little longer than expected. Hope everyone's doing good, and same with their tanks! But i do have one question...who's broken down their pico since the contest ended? From, the one and only...Nicolas Cage.
  4. dallasprstn

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    lol, thanks man, it was definitely a fun learning experience too I'm sure, and yes now we see what the judges have to say! and then I think we all know what comes next..PRIZES!
  5. dallasprstn

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    hey everybody, we're getting closer to that final date. videos and such soon!
  6. dallasprstn

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    Yes I am! I've been everywhere this summer and it's been crazy, I can't wait to see what all the tanks look like for this round of pictures! I bet they look great!
  7. dallasprstn

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    I hope nobody forgets to post their pictures!
  8. dallasprstn

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    hey sorry about that! just post those photos in the FES/FTS thread when you get the chance!
  9. dallasprstn

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    Hey everybody, I just realized we kinda flew off the radar this past week. how are everyone's tanks doing? I've been staying at harvard this week and haven't even had a second to check up on the forums, hope all is going well and everyone is getting ready for July 1st! it's definitely coming up quick! Dallas.
  10. dallasprstn

    Harlequin Shrimp vs Asterina Starfish

    you don't have to feed them that often. I feed my pair a chocolate chip star every two weeks and they ate doing fine. harlequins can go up to even four weeks without a meal.(I'm not saying someone should do that, but a star a week for one harlequin is quite the overkill.) my pair have had two clutches of eggs in the past few months and I just feed them every other Friday or so.
  11. dallasprstn

    Dream nano tank

  12. dallasprstn

    Phonape or Purple Polyp Birdnest?

    looks like birds of paradise to me, and it may just be a little bleached. it'll color up though. the ponape is more pointy that that. here's a pic of birds of paradise off Ora's website. http://www.orafarm.com/products/hardcoral/...rd-of-paradise/
  13. dallasprstn

    Official 3 and Under Pico Contest!

    Alright boys and girls. It's that time again, everyone needs to go post the FTS and FES into the FTS thread! quickest way to get there is to click the link in my signature! Lessss do this!
  14. dallasprstn

    new kessil A350.. just out***post your pics***

    if the light is hung above the center of the tank, wouldnt the corals in the back of the tank be just as lit as the corals in the front half? because they'd be the same distance from the light?