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  1. i know what he means, lps like trumpes, blastos, and acans are very fleshy. Some favias, like a war coral, are less fleshy, and almost have the appearance of an encrusting monti, like the superman or sunset. does that make sense hahah?
  2. its looks really cool! i'm in the need of a blenny right now, i have a little bit of an algae bloom, and i might have a snag an orange spot. Looks a lot cooler than the average lawnmower blenny!
  3. awesome looking maxi! also, what kind of blenny is that in your profile pic?
  4. that thing looks awesome! any idea on what kind it is?
  5. yep! I did a little more research and figured out it can also be related to rapid growth. suhweeet!
  6. I'm not sure what to think of this, I just googled it and haven't been able to find anything on it..my green BTA has one tentacle that split at the tip, and it almost looks like a forked tongue to me. i've only had the nem for about two weeks, but it takes whatever food I give it, and has no health problems whatsoever. thought I'd share, because it's interesting to me!