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  1. Ricordea FS

    Great guy..buy with confidence.
  2. WTB Gold/Orange Tipped Hammer

    http://www.manhattanreefs.com/forum/sale-trade/139249-fs-gold-hammers.html Try this link to manhattan reefs
  3. Beginner Chemicals?

    I believe you are asking what you need to start your tank. Not the "magic" chemical that does it all. Ok, set your tank up. Do your water changes weekly. After 6 to 7 months, test for calc, Alk and mag. If any are out of range, then you can either change more water more frequently or dose. Coral need these elements, not necessarrily fish. I have a BC 29 and run a loose system. I have filter floss and chaeto right now and dose all elements. Tank is up over 11 months. Very stable and very clean. Start it up, and relax and let things run its course.
  4. Problem with new Scoly

    OK, I am not the best scoly guy out there as my angel fish took a liking to mine and destroyed it. I feed my tank reef cleaners filter feeder formula. When I would feed the tank, it would trigger the feeding response on the scoly. I would say wait for lights out, turn off the pumps and drop a few sinking pellets on it to get it to open. It might take awhile. Once it opens you can feed mysis or just let it eat the pellets.
  5. Problem with new Scoly

    Anything picking at it? If not feed it tonight.
  6. Coral for biocube 29

    Torches are awesome and will do well in the BC. They are the most aggressive of the frogspawn, Hammer and torch family. I would go with a hammer or frogspawn or both as they do not sting each other.
  7. Question about Calcium

    I am not sure about why it occurs. 440 isn't high for calc, it's right around where you want it. I keep calc at about 480 but it has drifted above that now to 495-500 with no ill effects. I usually guage it as long as the coral is extending and I have coralline growth, the tank is using the elements and they should drop. I also dose some trace eklements that contains calcium so I am assuming it is being replenished in that dose.
  8. Question about Calcium

    Do you dose or just WC's? I am having similar results recently, although I am able to keep the mag and alk up via dosing. As long as your coral grows and is visibly ok, then I wouldn't go crazy. If you want more growth, dose to keep the alk above 8 and mag above 1300.
  9. need advice please

    2ml dose of Alk on a tank your size is nothing at all. That didn't affect anything. When I began dosing my BC 29 I would bring calc up 25ppm per day when it was extremely low. That was around 30-35 ml. No I'll effects as I was correcting a problem. Your Alk is fine. You can dose just a calc product to bring your up and I would think you will see a net positive effect. Remember, it takes time for the concentration to build up within the coral tissue itself, so don't expect immediate response. But get those parameters in range and you will see your coral open and grow better.
  10. Best Shrimp/Goby Pair

    It's true. I thought pairing a goby and a shrimp would be cool. My first skunk shrimp was all over the tank, always out really cool. He never bothered with the YWG. So I replace the skunk with another, they pair and I never see either of them now. Shrimp stay buried in their lair until the lights go out. Very disappointing. And I didn't think a skunk would pair with the goby? Oh well.
  11. need advice please

    At 8.3 your alk is fine and within range. Alk should be between 8-11 Calc should be above 420. Mag between 1300-1400. I only dose and rarely do water changes. When I have issues with my trace elements, I sometimes experience the same result of corals not opening fully.
  12. Water change mystery

    How does it look this morning?
  13. Water change mystery

    Give it another day. I have had a bout with my hammers not being happy and until I got my parameters worked out they were recessed like yours. If your parameters are that low and the frog stays the way it is now, you may consider dosing. B-ionic 2 part is easy to use and will bring the Alk and calc up. Alk should be over 8 and calc definitely over 420
  14. Water change mystery

    The frogspawn in the picture doens't look like it is pulling away from the skeleton or decaying in any way. It just looks pissed. Did you change flow at all? If not, stick to what you did change. If the water parameters are good, odds are they will be fine and something is just a bit off. If you are that worried or see them shedding flesh, I have gone through this, then do a large WC and double check alk, calc and mag. BTW, what are your parameters on those elements?
  15. Ricordea for sale orange/pink/purple/lime green

    Sounds fair to me. I knew I shouldn't have jumped in. Enjoy your Thanksgiving.