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  1. SOLD!
  2. Pending sale.
  3. Selling my MP10wES. Bought from a user on here, realized its overkill and I need new paintball equipment. Runs extremely well. Included are the dry side, wet side, controller, power cord, instruction book and box. I'll clean it as well as I can before sending. I don't notice anything that would indicate the bearings are wearing. Its pretty quiet. I'd like $170 paypal'd. Picture is kinda shoddy since it's still in the tank. But there it is. A fair amount of algae on the wet side foam. Probably won't include it for that reason. Just PM me offers or whatever.
  4. I didn't read any of it, but I have a comment. I rather newbs buy all of the expensive name brand equipment, so when they quit, I can buy it from them for really cheap. (Just kidding. I read it and think its a wonderful post.)
  5. I might just stick with softies. As much as I love stony corals, the points about limited space and what an SPS would look like in that space has me convinced that I might not want to go that route.
  6. I'm still in the process of cycling my 8 gallon, and I'm having trouble determining the stocking. There will be no fish. Its a 12" cube with an AI Prime and an MP10. I'm going to run Chemipure Blue. If I stock the tank with SPS, LPS, and Softies, how likely is chemical warfare and a bunch of corals dying? I've had other reefs, but with very few stony coral. If I have to choose between stony or softie, what would be more enjoyable after I've previously done two tanks?
  7. Lets pretend like I brush up against it. Is it... 1. "Feels like a mosquito bite!" 2. "OUCH! Felt like a beesting." 3. "MAKE THE PAIN GO AWAY!" 4. "I WANT TO RIP MY FLESH OFF!"
  8. Hi all. I have seen some beautiful Maxi minis, and was wondering how much care they require. I have an 8 gallon cube with AI Prime HQ and an MP10 for flow. Chemipure Blue will be the only thing in my filter. Would one do well in the tank with SPS, LPS, and some Softies? Also... I heard they can be dangerous to humans. Is this true at all?
  9. Very nice. I took the suggestions here. So the two islands have been attached to the rock as ramps. This provides many more ledges to work on. However, in the middle I left a fair amount of vertical space. It should work quite beautifully.
  10. You can follow any of our suggestions. They all work pretty well.
  11. Double post... but I added the rock on the left side to the main rockwork so it looks to be a ramp. I use Aquamend and super glue so it doesn't shift with corals. The rockwork is pretty nice now. Thanks for input. Back to Tamberav... I'm seeing a fair amount of SPS that stay low. It appears to be ones that aren't Acropora. I imagine with my serious flow, they'll probably be thicker branches. Worse case scenario, I more them lower, or just do softies and LPS.
  12. I used this for my fish only tanks. Its a Coralife Pure Flo II RO system. The prefilter and carbon block were taken out to clean it, hence why they aren't in in the picture. This is nothing overly special. Only the unit and the filters are going to be included. No wrench, but any work. I THINK this is the 50GPD unit. It produces 5 gallons in about 2 hours. It could be the 25 GPH, but I doubt it. So no guarantees there. This comes with the screw on attachment which works well for laundry room sinks. I think the RO membrane is still good. My new system and this system both produce the same TDS out of the RO. (~10 TDS) You can always get a DI add-on and have a reasonably good system for a reef tank. I would like to get about $70 including shipping. So a working system for $55 plus tax.
  13. About 3 inches. I can't change it. I wasn't going to put them at the very top of that rockwork, but there's a few good spots about 4 - 5 inches down that should allow them to grow. Do you have any recommendations of what coral would be appropriate up there?
  14. I'm worried about feeding them though. The rock in the left front might be epoxied there to give a pretty nice shelf to grow something. Then I can have a tiny island. The whole point of the island is for something like Blue Sympodium. Not sure if its needed. I'm have a metric crap-ton of issues planning the perfect layout. I want some simple SPS up top (No Acropora for example). The powerhead in there is temporary until I get an MP10 which will go on the left. So I want a Hammer on the right side, so it'll not be able to sting anything. I'm thinking an Acan garden too. That might go on the left side if I attach that rockwork to the rest.
  15. The image tags hate me on NR. Ok so... I finished my rockwork in my tank. I'm worried about there being too many vertical surfaces. On the left side that rock is about 2 inches from the rockwork. I could move it back so it forms a ramp. But I wanted a small island in the front for corals that are a little more invasive. I adore the main rockwork and the arch though.