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  1. Pooh's 14G Cube

    Wow! How nice.Your tank has come a long way. Is that purple coraline growth in your tank already?
  2. Pooh's 14G Cube

    Beautiful tank I Love your sea life.
  3. 25% restocking fee

    . I learned a valuable lesson, always check the return policy for stores u never used before and shop locally that will cut down on false claims of free shipping.
  4. 25% restocking fee

    I'm sure shipping that box across country doesn't cost $125.
  5. 25% restocking fee

    Wow 25% restocking fee. I purchased a 30 gallon jbj tank and RO system on 2/6/2012. While in shipping I decided I needed a smaller sized tank and a faster RO system. So I refused the UPS boxes at the door and had them both sent back to Marine Depot. I spent $ 425. When I called to see if my account was credited for the return customer service told me I will be charged a $106.25 restocking fee for refusing the order. So much for ordering the tank and RO system I wanted.unbelievable
  6. Looking for my First Tank ;)

    Thanks Jacob
  7. Looking for my First Tank ;)

    I have a Friend with Bc 14 Gallons he loves it. Ive actully checked these on out on you tube. its one i would love to see in person. Rimless tanks looks cool on you tube.
  8. Looking for my First Tank ;)

    Ok ill check Thoses out. I'm leaning towards a rimless tank. Thanks! Thanks Jooel! I'm Looking them up now. Ok...
  9. Looking for my First Tank ;)

    Im going to buy piece by piece. I think its better than parts from the AIO's. Thanks. . Im looking to buy Piece by piece. I want the best equipment.
  10. Whats the best 24-30 Gallon tank for newbies. :D