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  1. WTB SKIMMER for 12g

  2. WTB SKIMMER for 12g

  3. WTB SKIMMER for 12g

    looking for sca 301 or something similar
  4. AWC - Will this cause a Siphon?

    I wouldn't use suction cups. But no there is no valve for syphon when you are sucking water out... Use egg crate and zip ties, or drill the tank, or glue the tube to a strong mag float. Also cut the tubing so if it does come unattached it won't be able to go deeper into the sump. Or get a parastaltic pump with 3 or more rollers. Even if it does failed it really wouldn't be a disaster like I previously explained.
  5. Skimmer Magnet

    I'd set the water level to what they reccomend. And set the return pump on the same switch as the skimmer for "dinner time" that way you are not constantly adjusting the skimmer and so you can correctly tune it. I wouldn't use wire but if you absolutely need to zip ties will work well!
  6. AWC - Will this cause a Siphon?

    And this still would not be horrible as the worst that could happen depending on your setup... Probably with float switches. Will just cause a tad larger water change then usual.
  7. AWC - Will this cause a Siphon?

    I am setting up a similar system. What you should do is either drill your tank or set the output tube going to the aqua lifeter going out to the drain or waste water so it can never drain more then your desired level. I can make a quick video if you do not understand. I'm very glad to help and would love to exchange ideas as I'm setting up a very similar system Also to awnser your question. Yes it will make a syphon. To counter act this like I was explaing have the tube set so it can never vacuum out more then whatever your chosen volume is. Only time I can see this failing is in the event that your return pump fails and causes a more then normal amount of water to be in the sump portion of your tank
  8. Reef-restart

    Built the stand! dicced the pliance in the thang and cocked the program. 20g on top with 30g bellow. Ill shoot a quicc vidier.
  9. Reef-restart

    Building the stand today! Will hold the 20l sump, and Ato tank on the top. Underneath wil be either a 30 gallon or 20l for New salt water. The filtration will be housed in a 4' by 4' closet. The only thing im unsure about is what i will be doing with the extra 16" under the stand. Ill figure it out though. Defiantly do not want to be wasting space.
  10. Reef-restart

    Over the last 2 years I have downsized and downsized. From a well running 55 I wanted to upgrade. built a 75 with 30 sump, had that for about 6 months then downsized. 40 breeder with 40 gall sump. Had tons of algea issues. downsized again to a 12 gallon. with the same 40 sump. Downsized the sump to 20 gallon and that were im at now. One thing i could never get past was algae. fully removed it all did large water changes, tried carbon dosing, tried gfo, and tried it all together. Still algae keeps coming back. Im convinced the rock leeches out Po4. So I'm goiog to try again. But this time with new rock And a Far better system! The tank is a exo-terra aquarium. Its a rimless 18x18x12 tank. Nice dimensions I want the following in the system. Auto top off Auto daily Water changes with mixing station Auto feeding (using minifridge and dosing pump) 3 part dosing (mag calc and alk) Bare bottom Sps Dominated Breeding Black Barred Convict Goby pair Nice skimmer, and maybe carbon dosing Probably gfo and carbon reactor. Most of all i want an enjoyable no bs, no algea farm tank, that will grow some nice sps. I hope to be devoting a lot of time to this build. Hopefully will be worth following once I get going on it. This thread is going to be Boring for a few months so check back in about 3 months, and hopefully youll be looking at something nice.
  11. Aquamaxx HoB SKimmer, Mp10, Hydra 52

    pm me if you still have the skimmer
  12. tunze 9002 vs psk 75

    I do 1% automatically per day. I'd still like a skimmer because of the amount I feed and a small amount for carbon dosimg But thank you!
  13. tunze 9002 vs psk 75

    I have a light stocked 12 gallon with a 10g sump. The ehopps is the hob model. Which would be the better option?
  14. Brett's Shallow Reef

    how are those dosing pumps
  15. Wtb: skimmer for 20 gallon

    My skimmer is way to big. looking for a cpr bak pak or something equivalent, not looking to spend all that much.