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  1. might try shipping some soft corals. Are heat packs necessary in summer? Someone on another forum has the opinion that it is possible to overheat and cook corals in the summer when sent with heat packs??
  2. Mini Mini Anemone FS. So Cal Pick up

    I could give it a try. Let me know.
  3. I have some purple/green mini mini anemone for sale. They Re perfect for the nano. They get no larger than a quarter or half dollar. Pick up in zip code 92649. I have no experience with shipping. $15 each Sorry for poor quality pictures. I have trouble loading to this site. PM me with an email and I can try to send better pics
  4. So I picked up a slimskim brand new in the box and did not realize that there was a minimum depth. It appears to put it in at least 9" of water for the water to flow in through the slots in front. Problem is that I was going to use this in a shallow 8" deep reef. Can I get a dremel out and make those slots extend farther down?
  5. Do you cement standpipes to the bulkhead?

    not having mine glued just saved me a lot of hassle/time/fish. I have a 50G cube and the overflow is crowded with my two returns and my standpipe. My clownfish somehow jumped into my overflow and there was absolutely no way I was going to get him out without flushing him down into my sump. There was no room for a net/hand/trap in the overflow. All I did was pull out the standpipe and down he went into my sump where I easily grabbed him.

    +1 ^^^^ love my spectrapure refurb!
  7. Recently got a shallow tank to set up in my office. Looking to get a light for it and am angling towards a PAR light. PAR 30 or 38? is the reefkoi EVO spot good? I have no experience with PAR bulbs. TIA for any help
  8. Used Live Sand

    So I bought a 15G tank on craigslist that had some sand still wet in the bottom. Hasn't been used in a couple months. Can I rinse it out and reuse? Or should I discard and buy new?
  9. SC Aquariums any good?! Help needed

    I have this exact setup. I upgraded from a JBJ 12. I love it. Take that with a grain of salt in that I am a newb with this only being my first tank larger than the 12G. I upgraded the stand only for aesthetic reasons. Original stand was decent quality, but not really furniture grade/look that my wife wanted.
  10. decent RO system?

    I followed the desert rats advice a couple years ago and bought the spectrapure on his advice. One of the best purchases I have made in this hobby!
  11. Fire or Bristle worm?

    Hope its not harmful because I am pretty sure I have these also. Mine seem to build little tubes of sand around the tank
  12. Green Macro Name

    I received this Macro as a freebie when I ordered some a while ago and I forget the name. Anyone know?
  13. How bad is rust?

    When I initially set up my tank, the hose from my return pump in the sump popped off a couple times using the plastic hose rings and dumped water all over my carpet. Needless to say, the wife was not too happy. I installed a metal hose clamp and keep the water level below the clamp. It is beginning to show some rust and is normally not a problem, but just got back from vacation and my tank sitter was topping off too much and the water level is over the rusty clamp. Do I need to worry?