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  1. Last fish

    I have 2 clowns, 2 firefish and a Randall's Goby (Orange Stripe Prawn Goby) in a BC29. Figured I should add a last one. What should it be? I would really like something ugly like a goblin fish, but they are not really reef or small tank compatible.
  2. my favorite reef tank

    more info on this tank: http://reefkeeping.com/issues/2008-12/totm/index.php
  3. help w/ diy frag plug

    i just bought 20 plugs for $5 at marine depot. you are going to spend way more money to make your own http://www.marinedepot.com/Boston_Aqua_Far...-FIMTCM-vi.html
  4. Acan?

  5. Sunken bomber

    there is no way i would put anything metal in my tank. a titanium heater, yes, but not a chinese made diecast model from wal-mart covered in led laced paint.
  6. HELP: fire shrimp not moving

    sounds like he is dead or dying. these guys are super sensitive to water parameters. i killed mine with a pH spike after water change.
  7. Kat's Ol' Max

    Kat, if that fish comes back to life, you should try walking on water next.
  8. Those acrylic splash guard thingies for MP10

    thats it! thank you!!! i guess it's not that hard to make one of these. just need some acrylic, heat gun and some patience
  9. I am having an episode of "unable-to-findis" (yes, its a proper medical term) and can't find those acrylic things that attach to the rim of a tank to prevent MP10 from splashing around if it is placed close to the top. Someone posted pictures of those things couple of weeks ago, but now i can't find them. Would anyone point me to that thread please?
  10. They say blue legs will eat snails?

    my hermits regularly kill snails, and not for their shells, because snails are smaller. and now my tube nem got appetite for snails. i came home the other day to fing 6 or 7 empty snail shells all around the nem
  11. Baby Jellyfish?

    Looks like detached Zoa polyp to me
  12. Meijer sells curved glass rimless picos?!

    fresh water planted
  13. Closed!

    This reminds me of a PM I got on the local reef site: - hey man, do you know how to make websites? - depends. what do you have in mind? - something like Facebook but better. I lol'd pretty hard. Everyone thinks they are a badass with the best idea ever, and they can have it all done and ready to go for nothing and become a millionaires in couple of weeks. /facepalm on this sale. These domains worth nothing.
  14. Circulation Pumps for Biocube 29

    damn, thats alot of water circulation for a BC29. Before getting an MP10 i had Koralia 240 and 425, and i think that was plenty of flow
  15. What is this?

    acan echinata