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  1. What's the biggest a-hole in your tank?

    biggest a hole on my tank is my velvet damsel. thought it would be awesome to get a trio of velvets but the one killed the other two and now he will not let anything else in the tank alone except for the mantis cause he is not that stupid
  2. Where to find Mantids?

    most of the ones i have found around my area South florida have been from rock shipments or pest in peoples tanks. one of the lfs near me got one in by accident but if you ask them they should be able to order you one that is one of the smaller types
  3. FS , Custom LEDs and fixture

    ttt for rob
  4. FS: Hydor Koralia Nano-Skim $70 shipped

    its against rules to gift through paypal and a horrible idea for any buyer on top of that.
  5. beautiful tiny anemone id

    i want to say majano but im not 100 percent sure they are really pretty ones if they are and if you could get them off your rock i know i or islandoftiki would take them from you
  6. FS: Zoas and Palys

    all those zoas are gorgeous i think that they are amazing
  7. How many posts do you need to PM?

    tbh i did not think you needed a min to pm someone but i could be wrong but if it helps its less then what i have cause i can pm
  8. Coral hitch hiker?

    first look like a pineapple sponge and the second like an aiptasia
  9. FS , Custom LEDs and fixture

    new price
  10. FS , Custom LEDs and fixture

    before shipping tested the skimmer and motor was not working refunded money and am really sorry for the inconvience.
  11. FS , Custom LEDs and fixture

    Money received shipping tomorrow
  12. FS , Custom LEDs and fixture

    I have 2 people pm me but no confirmed
  13. FS , Custom LEDs and fixture

    I'll take any reasonable offer on anything I'm selling
  14. 75 Gallon DIY Stand.

    looks good you can look at my thread on how i did it