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  1. Should I get rid of this?

    Thanks all for the advice, I'll start removing it right away. @Seiryoku I assume that by 'remove it properly' you just mean to make sure I got it all - or is there a correct way to do it?
  2. I have noticed these strand-like growths coming out of the Star Polyp - they look like vegetation so I'm guessing they're not harmful per se. I took these pics just as the lights were about to go off, so a lot of the polyps have retracted. I have had the SP in the tank for about 8 weeks, and these strands have grown in the last three or four so obviously were there when it came to me. Is this something good or bad? Will it compete with the Star Polyps? Could I trim them back so that the SP looks clearer or should I just leave it?
  3. (un)Official Aussie/NZ Reefer Thread

    A few questions for all of you: Where are you based? Parramatta, Sydney What type of system do you have? Fluval Edge II, the 42 litre (12 gallon) size Any plans for future systems? This is a small system to learn and get over the hiccups of my first reef tank - I plan a much bigger display tank in the future - maybe a year or two? Where do you buy equipment? LFS for most of my stuff - although I have just ordered LED's and a DIM4 controlled from LEDGroupbuy.com in the US What types of equipment/accessories do you wish you had easier access to? LED's, controllers, small protein skimmers Where do you get livestock? I have three LFS which I rotate through - one is better for fish, the other two for coral What types of livestock do you wish you had easier access to? CRABS!! shrimp, brittle stars, fan worms Where do you get coral? LFS What types of coral do you wish you had easier access to? Zoas, Acans, Palys What is the one thing you wish you had easier access to (ie what the Americans have)? Support, helps, other nano reefs, other nano reefers, the ability to order corals online How do you see reef keeping in Aus as different to the US? The same as anything - there are fewer of us spread further apart and a greater distance from major suppliers, so we basically DIY or go-it-alone a heck of a lot more. Any other comments: I would really appreciate a group of like minded locals to walk through this process - the LFS guys are sometimes knowledgable, but rarely experimental, and their advice is always the standard line to guard their liability. I would also love a way to access more of the livestock and corals that are coming out of our waters and being sent to the US!
  4. Hmm, don't know specifics on the tree - it's brown with very small green spots on the branches, which I believe will develop into feelers/fingers. It is nowhere near the star polyps - easily 6 inches apart, so if the trees shed, then I guess it's shedding. Thanks for your help
  5. LED's for 12gal Fluval Edge

    Thanks, just ordered the LEDs and controller. I'll contact you if I have any problems once they make their way here to Australia. pete
  6. I have just started populating my first Nano Reef. I've had a tree coral and a small colony of star polyps for about 2 weeks now, just to get started. The water parameters have been great all along, but last evening I came home from work to find a trail of ooze that looks like silvery snot coming out of a crusty part at the base of my tree coral. I removed the trail, which was about 4 inches long by about an inch wide, and it was slimy. This morning the coral seemed fine, a little puffier than usual, but otherwise ok. This evening I've just returned and again it looks OK. Is this behaviour normal or is there something irritating the coral. Should I be alarmed, or take any action at all? Any guidance, help or reassurance would be great, thank you. pete
  7. LED's for 12gal Fluval Edge

    Thanks Milad, that sounds great - so how would you recommend setting up the on/off cycles with that selection of lights? pete
  8. I want to swap out the standard LED's that come with the Edge and fit the Cree 3ups. I had planned to use 4 with the DIM4 but now I'm reading about fuller spectrum lighting - violets, turquoise and reds. Will I sacrifice some of the corals etc that I can include in the tank if I only use the 3ups? Also I am guessing that if I put one 3up per channel then the DIM4 will dimm them all at once, meaning I can't get a colour change/moonlight look? Any help you can offer would be great. pete
  9. Still max Ammonia after 3 weeks

    OK thanks. Will give that a try.
  10. Still max Ammonia after 3 weeks

    Well, on the API test the maximum ammonia is a dark green for "8", I don't know what that actually translates to, but mine reads a really dark green every time.
  11. Still max Ammonia after 3 weeks

    OK, so I have a new API test kit, and it confirms that I'm still at max Ammonia! Would a partial water change help or hinder - obviously it will dilute the ammonia present, but will it change the cycle, or maybe kickstart it?
  12. So I have a 12gal Fluval edge, I added sand, some pretty fresh-from-the-sea live rock that I cleaned off about 80% of the semi-dead seaweed and sponge. I have been running the pump, washing the sponge every three days or so and testing every second day. After the sixth day I cleaned out all the dead worm bodies on the bottom of the tank but I haven't done any water changes. My readings still show maximum on the ammonia, and nothing else detectable after 3 weeks. Should I just continue to be patient? Shouldn't something else have happened by now? Everything I've read indicates that the entire cycle should generally be done in 4 - 6 weeks, and I'm not even out off the ammonia yet. Any guidance would be helpful. Thanks in advance pete
  13. The Ultimate EDGE LED setup.....

    Thanks Milad, So would you suggest 7 Blue and 5 White in a 12 LED combination? Also, I am in Australia - so I'd have to source my own 5amp 12V converter, right? And you (LEDGroupBuy.com) ship here OK? cheers pete
  14. The Ultimate EDGE LED setup.....

    Just like Cronus41, I'm also looking for a mod for an Edge 12 gal, and wonder if this setup would be sufficient, or to increase to more LED's, or perhaps increase the power somehow to increase penetration since the 12 gal is twice the depth. Any help from DIY guru's would be much appreciated.
  15. I started my nano in a 12gal Fluval Edge 8 days ago by putting uncured live rock in the tank. When I first put the rock in there were fan worms, some long thin-legged starfish and a lot of long worms. I cleaned off the fat worms I could see, but within a day the bottom of the tank was littered with about half dozen dead worm bodies that I hadn't even seen before. I cleaned out the obvious corpses, and then the water went totally brown and smelly - the cycle was well under way. Today (day 8) the water is almost clear - still a couple of days before it's all clean again I guess. The thing is, I can't see any life or movement left on the live rock at all. The star fish are gone, and the fan worms are also apparently gone. My Ammonia is starting to go down, so I have a ways to go before the nitrites etc kick in and probably another three weeks or so before I can add anything. My question is, clearly I am building my bio-cycle life mass, but will all of the 'non-micro' life on the rock, like fan worms, be dead and gone by the time I'm finished and ready to start adding inverts? Thanks for any help or insight you can offer pete