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  1. 16g (60l) Marinus Nano Cube

    You were right, he lasted 3 weeks No, sponge died Here's an updated on my tank. Just got my first fish, 2 small clowns. Also added two softies and a feather.
  2. A crab, a tube and that coral

    If I can keep him I'd like to... the more diversity the more fun. But if he's a bad one I should probably get him out. What harm can he do, eat polyps?
  3. A crab, a tube and that coral

    Thanks Frank, do you reckon I should try to move the Xenia away from my candy-cane? Currently it sits on the same small piece of rock.
  4. Hi all, I'm looking for help to identify a hitch-hiking crab that I've just discovered, a few red "tubes" that are growing under my rocks and a coral that grows like a carpet. Thanks in advance for any help! This guy came with my live rock. I think it looks like a gorilla crab and the general advice seems to be to get it out of the tank. Easier said than done unfortunately This coral (it is a coral right?) came attached to a stone with a sponge I bought. The sponge is gone but the coral seems to be doing better. These grows under my candy-cane and during the night it's a beautiful blue carpet, during the day it look like this. What on earth is it? These duo red tubes are growing under my rock, I've 4 of them. Is it a sponge?
  5. Hi all, I'm looking for help to identify a hitch-hiking crab that I've just discovered, a few red "tubes" that are growing under my rocks and a coral that grows like a carpet. Thanks in advance for any help!
  6. 16g (60l) Marinus Nano Cube

    I'm now a couple of months into my first nano reef. Seems like I'm going through a second wave of brown diatoms. Water levels are fine so I'm not too worried about that but it looks and smells bad. Coraline growing like mad everywhere. I've added a plethora of snails, too many to count. Unfortunately the hermits and my shrimp seems to feed on them and have already killed a couple. I've also put in a red starfish and an orange sponge.
  7. I've identified two tiny Aiptasias hitchhiking on the skeleton of my new Candy Cane. I've read the methods of getting rid of it including: Peppermint shrimp Chemical stuff Whilst it says DO NOT scrape it off, I just wanted to ask if I take the frag out of the tank and scrape it off an rinse under saltwater (freshwater will kill the coral?) could that wash it off?
  8. Help me set up a cheap tank

    I've a very "cheap" setup with little equipment but you'll be surpriced how fast it adds up. Here's my quick calc: - tank - heater - power head - surface skimmer (just a another power head really, this is not a protein skimmer). Ive no filter, just live rock. - reef lights - sand - salt - ro water unit - buckets - water test, ph, nitrite, nitrate - sg meter, those floating ones are really bad you need a refracto - extra powerhead and heater when mixing saltwater - clean up crew - live stock - food for live stock - any extra electrical cords, cinnections I didnt add prices as i prob didnt go with the cheapest, but the above gives you an idea of the minimum you need. If you can do tjis under usd 250 that would be very good price. Hope the above helps!
  9. My Aqueon Evolve 4

    Nice tank, but doesn't the spill light from the LEDs bother you? I'm also trying to solve the moon light issue, tried with a submersible LED but just got blinded by it.
  10. Unhappy/Happy candy cane lps?

    This is my candy cane first day in the tank: And this is how it looks today when the lights have been on: As soon as the lights goes off it deflates back to the bones...
  11. I'm using a ordinary 3-tube RO-unit to make purified water which I then mix with dennerle sea salt to 1.025-6. However my Nitrate readings are the same in my tank as in the freshly mixed saltwater. Hard to read these tests but I'd ball park it at 0.2. (Salifert tests) My tank is 7 week old and only have a small clean-up crew and since yest a candy cane LPS. Is this a matter of test just not being very accurate or is my RO-unit not working? I'm using the tap water from Paris city.
  12. 16g (60l) Marinus Nano Cube

    It's been a month and a half since I setup my 16g Nano Cube now. The worst of the cycling is over and I've got a small clean up crew in to take care of the green algea. I got a lovely little blue legged hermit that I like very much: My crab moulted a few days ago, thought it was a dead crab on the sea bed. My Candy Cane LPS that I got yesterday. Not fixed it to the rock yet, trying find out where it will best like it. I'm still running with no filtration just two power heads, live rock and weekly 10% water exchange, so far so good.
  13. New to Nano

    Im new to nanos as well and I got a Marinus Cube 60l (15-16g). It comes with a surface skimmer, heater and 36w 10k lights. So I guess soft corals will be ok. If I could do it again Id probably go with those narrow long ADA tanks and build a sump underneith it.
  14. 16g (60l) Marinus Nano Cube

    I'm now just over two weeks into the setup, brown algae bloom started 3 days ago. had to get a refractometer as the floating densimeter was so inaccurate. Shall I wait another two weeks for the clean-up crew? Still waiting for my water test kit so I've yet no idea about the water parameters.
  15. 16g (60l) Marinus Nano Cube

    Not sure they are really individual, they look like on the pic below and output 34W at 10,000 kelvin: http://www.dennerle.eu/global/index.php?op...275〈=en