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  1. Live stock for 10 gal

    Where did you get your barnacle blenny? I've wanted one for a while for my smaller tank and can't find one anywhere!
  2. Live stock for 10 gal

    I have a single clown and a large cleaner shrimp in an 8 gal, and I love watching the two interact and move around. At first I thought that that few number of livestock would be boring, but they are both very active and have a great time, and I don't regret having few fish at all with great water quality as a kickback
  3. 8 Gal Nano Clown Tank

    Yeah I think with black background it works better.
  4. Who makes good custom tanks?

    PicO! http://www.picoaquariums.com/SHOP/1-home
  5. Identification Question

    Nothing too nasty then?
  6. Identification Question

    Unless it's a bristleworm, but it looks different than pictures I've seen
  7. 8 Gal Nano Clown Tank

    I mean I've seen the dyno sheet for a car spec'd exactly like mine and that's what it got. I mean frankly idc it's a hoot to drive and sounds terrific and that's all that matters right?
  8. 8 Gal Nano Clown Tank

    Ok big update! The new lighting is on, and already the corals are in love! I'll retire my 12W Coralife T5 to 2.5 gallon duty where it belongs. Picture of the Light on the testing rack Picture of the tank with light on at 30-40% Zoas after 2 hours in the light Don't mind the blue color imbalance the tank isn't actually that blue
  9. So I have no idea what this is... the small green thing in the foreground. It's new as of this weekend. Any ideas? My GSP isn't sexually reproducing is it?
  10. Giving a pico a shot!

    yeah for sure I had the hardest time with that powerhead in my AGA 2.5. I ended up using a small utility pump with a tip I put on.
  11. 8 Gal Nano Clown Tank

    I don't know quite about that they are easily modded to pull some impressive track numbers. Just because they aren't popular for track doesn't mean they aren't decent at the track. The car is very conservatively advertised, BHP according to most dynos is closer to 430. It's also tuned for absolute maximum economy, and so I very aggressively tuned it to a premium only, high compression tune that gained around 40 hp, and freeing up the intake and exhaust gave another 10-20. So it makes between 480-500 hp. I also plan on putting on a Boss intake plenum, which gives more top end and around an extra 15-20 hp, and I might work on some other engine tuning while its open. I also want to put a lightweight racing driveshaft on to reduce loss. As far as forced induction, I could easily get a blower for it from Steeda that would clear 625 BHP, but for me forced induction is just not as fun. I love a high revving open engine.
  12. 2.5 Gallon AGA Seahorse Tank

    This weekend it starts! Not sure what to put in here first. I'm tempted by some coral and or a clam.
  13. Two Part Tidal Tank

    I bet! And surprsingly not. I think it won't cost me more than a bio cube 14 to do this setup and the volume is the same. That would require a homemmade sump but that's easy enough.