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  1. https://farm2.staticflickr.com/1625/25267525235_c8b1b682f8_z.jpg[/ Perfection!! Happy Bday to a tank that just gets better and better!
  2. Zia

    Stella's Sixty-Six

    Noted. Yea. She hit it out of the park. Thanks Christina! Hey buddy! Yea their pretty beastly these days. Especially the white one (Koishi) As maybe you've seen on FB. I've been under a rock lately. But got your message. Go Broncos!!! Sry Rachel for hi jacking your thread. That was the last pic, lol
  3. Zia

    Stella's Sixty-Six

    That's the plan Hey bro!! Yea. That was the first place I tried. Lovin' that nem-clown piece she did for you. It looks so good over your tank. Whoa, that tank though <3 Hope all is well with you buddy.
  4. Zia

    Stella's Sixty-Six

    What a talent you have! Wanted to drop by to say thanks here too and deliver some promised photos. As already mentioned. I'm absolutely in love with this piece! Because of my recent move available wall space is aplenty. So much so I couldn't decide where to put it! Taking suggestions. Such a fun fantasy piece. Exceeded all my expectations in every way possible. Had a blast counting all the underwater and landlocked critters. 14 in all? Even tried it in the BR, lol.
  5. Zia


    Whoa this tank has grown into quite the gem! Lucky ponies! Thanks for the kind acknowledgement. You're in a league of your own. I just kept ponies. You raised out the fry! Your tank rocks, grats
  6. Flipping amazing upgrade buddy!! The plumbing is SO GOOD! Nothing good happens fast. Now I can see why you took your time with this build. So clean so well thought out. Really appreciating that scape too. With the z/p island being my favorite. But. Wait! Is that your original blue(ish)-green plate?! Always admired that piece as you know. Cheers to your new tank bro
  7. Hmmm broken hand or lion fish sting Again and again so proud of your crazy beautiful reef. Congrats!! Guess i don't need to setup an other now that i have yours to enjoy
  8. Zia


    Phew and i thought my video was long But enjoyed every second of it as you know. This tank is crazy inspirational! Total unique piece of living art you created with this one. Woohoo, again congratulations </3
  9. Zia

    Wretched 66 SCA

    Yea. Definate learning curve switching from T5's to LED. Took me a few months of experimenting with it. At the end. No crazy custom settings required for me. I ended running all three of mine over both tanks on the stock factory settings. Anyhow glad you and more importantly your tank are happy with the switch.
  10. Zia

    Wretched 66 SCA

    Look at that sexy light! Can't decide which is my favorite. That giant green toad or that epic z/p rock! At any rate, damn good job on this new build bud!
  11. Zia

    KG's Reef² Coming Down

    What an exciting Gator "W" 4-0 and Broncos 3-0 Go Blue n Orange! That's all
  12. Seriously. You slacker! Quit slacking and start picture stacking! Cleaning algae off the glass, blehhh I got 99 problems but that's no longer one haha
  13. Zia

    Coral Photography Question

    I love that setosa btw!
  14. Killer decor, killer dogs, killer build! Super stoked i'll have some of my babies growing in this jewel of a system!