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  1. Corals not growing

    The LEDs are from aquastyleonline. It's got 7 blue and 7 white dimmed to about 75%. I've been thinking of switching them out though or at least mixing some other colors. I also have supplemental strip of blue LEDs.
  2. Corals not growing

    Thanks for the response and advice guys. This is my first reef tank and I'm still learning. I currenlty only have Salifert calcium and magnesium test kits. What other parameters should I be testing? Phospate, alkalinity, what else? I will just keep doing what I'm doing since everything looks healthy, except for the (what was sold as) frogspawn. It never fully extends, but I believe it's due to the pistol shrimp constantly pestering it. Oh ya, forgot to mention I had almost crashed the tank a while back by recharging the Purigen. Never will I recharge Purigen again! Took out 90% of my pulsing xenia (which I'm kind of glad lol), killed off one stylophora, and bleached just about everything. Everything else has recovered nicely. Come to think of it, I think that incident stunted the growth of the corals and they are just taking their time to recover. Prior to the Purigen incident, the xenia was starting to grow out of control. Now, the xenia has not spread and grown as fast as before, which is nice. Now onto my next problem: catching that stupid shrimp.
  3. Corals not growing

    Finally have time to update this thread... I do feed the LPS mysis shrimp, although not as much since the goby jumped out. I occasionally feed reef chili from BRS but probably not as much as I should. I've been limiting the amount I'm feeding due the the excess algae growth. So other parameters I need to check besides calcium and magnesium are: phospate, nitrate, and alkalinity? anything else? Here are a couple of pics... One next to the freshwater planted tank.
  4. Corals not growing

    So, I have a fluval edge 6 gal with LEDs. I do weekly 50% water changes with RODI and coralife salt mix. It's got a mix of softies, lps and sps. It's been setup for just under a year. Currently no fish, only a candy striped pistol. It's goby buddy committed suicide a while back by jumping out. I keep salinity at 1.025 and temp is set at 80F. I've only the stock filtration with carbon, GFO and purigen. Anyways, the problem is my corals aren't growing/spreading as fast as before. They've got nice colors, extended polyps but they are just SLOW growing. What could be the issue? I've only tested calcium and magnesium, I don't remember the exact readings but they appear to be in line. I tested the water just before a water change and the results are not much lower than a fresh batch of salt water so it seems the corals are not taking up much. I do have a bit of problem with algae on the back wall but that's only because the algae mag can't get back there. I will be ordering a nitrate test soon. Ya I know, SPS in a small tank do not mix but they do look healthy. I will post some pics when I get home but any ideas? Thanks!
  5. AquaStyleOnline Club

    So I have the dimmable 14LED kit with 7 white (1000k) and 7 blue on my 6 gal edge. Corals are happy but I wish they have better colors. I ordered this setup before I knew any better. I want to switch out the 1000ks for some 4500k + colors and the blue to royal blue. How does this sound... 7 RB on driver #1 4 4500k, 2 cyan, 2 red, 2 actinic violets on driver #2 I'm guessing it's ok to mix the bridgelux and epileds on one driver right? Suggestions please. Thanks.
  6. Acans and mushrooms

    Make sure the acans and shrooms don't touch. My acans are still trying to recover
  7. What is this on my blue clove polyps?

    well the polyps are on a flat disc sitting on a rock. There are about 4 or 5 contact points between the disc and the rock but they don't appear to be spreading onto the rock. The disc is maxed out of place for polyps.
  8. What is this on my blue clove polyps?

    damn that's crazy. But it looks kinda cool lol
  9. Acan Inflation

    I have both of mine next to each other on the sand receiving low to medium flow. Ones doing great the other one looks sad.. I will try different placement.
  10. Acan Inflation

    I have the same problem. Got two frags about two weeks ago. They were both doing very well, fed mysis or cyclops everyday (too much?) Now one of them started looking sad/deflated in the past couple of days, not sure what caused it. The other still looks very happy. Come feeding time, all it's tentacles are out. I don't knwo what's wrong with the other one...
  11. Some type of worms...

    Thanks for all the replies They are not red, more white/beige/brownish.
  12. Some type of worms...

    2 for 2. Thanks again alto!
  13. What are these? Are they harmful? I see them on the glass but not sure if they are elsewhere. Really tiny, about 1mm long or so.
  14. What is this on my blue clove polyps?

    Well, I guess I'll just see what happens. I'm already limited on space. It's a tiny 6gal fluval edge. I guess I can always frag these out if they take over. I think I like my lawn idea as well.