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  1. 30L seems like the perfect choice. 36” long. Great quality IM tank. Rimless.
  2. Gotcha. I’ll have 2 mp10wqd fornsale soon. Upgrading tanks and glass will be too thick for the 10s
  3. you can pair the 2 mp10s together without reeflink and have them sync or antisync one of the modes, probably better than using the rkl as a wavemaker. i did that for a while before getting a reeflink so i can program a 24hour cycle. people offload reeflinks all the time for 50-80 bucks
  4. awe shucks. to answer your first question, less than 3 weeks
  5. Skimmer bump. Make me an offer before I end up dealing with eBay.
  6. Mp10 sold. Will sell skimmer for $100 shipped. Nearly new.
  7. Selling Deep Blue Professional 35G reef ready Rimeless cube, some minor scratches but not very prominent when viewing tank. Corner overflow. Comes with plumbing upgrading to a bigger tank local in new jersey 08876 $50