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  1. $75 shipped, someone wants a skimmer right!?
  2. Skimmer still for sale. Packed and ready to ship.
  3. burrito

    What aquarium should I get?

    30L seems like the perfect choice. 36” long. Great quality IM tank. Rimless.
  4. Gotcha. I’ll have 2 mp10wqd fornsale soon. Upgrading tanks and glass will be too thick for the 10s
  5. burrito

    Got some free MP10s - how should I use them?

    you can pair the 2 mp10s together without reeflink and have them sync or antisync one of the modes, probably better than using the rkl as a wavemaker. i did that for a while before getting a reeflink so i can program a 24hour cycle. people offload reeflinks all the time for 50-80 bucks
  6. awe shucks. to answer your first question, less than 3 weeks
  7. Skimmer bump. Make me an offer before I end up dealing with eBay.
  8. Mp10 sold. Will sell skimmer for $100 shipped. Nearly new.
  9. burrito

    Eshopps cube nano refugium / sump

  10. Selling Deep Blue Professional 35G reef ready Rimeless cube, some minor scratches but not very prominent when viewing tank. Corner overflow. Comes with plumbing upgrading to a bigger tank local in new jersey 08876 $50