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  1. Lukus' 4g Arch

    Well I went to my LFS and it wasn't great to be honest. The guys there were kinda rude when it came to answering my questions, and even spoke amongst themselves whilst talking to me.. So, I didn't get anything today, I didn't want to give them my money! In other news I don't think I'm going to get an inline heater for this tank, as I can't find any under 200W, which seems like huuuuuge overkill. So a small in-tank heater it will be. My dad called today to tell me that my grandfather had some LED lights and powerheads I could have! Which sounded great at first but it turns out that the bow front on his tank (not sure what size, but pretty big) had split down the middle and all the water had escaped over night. All his coral and live rock were pretty much screwed but he managed to rescue the fish from the 3 inches of water that remained. They are boarding at his LFS now. Needless to say we are all gutted. His front room carpet it completely ruined! The insurance will cover it however my poor grandfather just doesn't have it in him to get a new tank. I feel terrible for him as he has spent a lot of time and money in this hobby and he really loved it . Apparently its happened to a few people with the same tank, so its going to be investigated. That's all for now guys.
  2. Lukus' 4g Arch

    Sorry, I should have explained better, When I meant a hole for the heatsink, I meant like right through the wood, so the fins would be open to the air. Although just bolting the whole thing to the upright sounds nice too. I'd probably put some reinforcing bars down the back of the upright and under the base, to make sure it can bare the weight. Inline heaters sound good, I'll take a look around. Thanks so much for your help asting, it's been really useful.
  3. Lukus' 4g Arch

    Thanks for taking a look man! I think I'll be alright with the canister, I mean I have it so I may as well run with it. If I'm able to keep on top of it or whatever I can always switch it out. Here are some images I made in Sketchup, fist time using it so don't expect too much! I put the two holes in the back section for the intake and return pipes and could easily put in more for any other cables. I figured I could cut a hole in the top section for the heatsink, and maybe run the wires through a cut out along the top. Any thoughts? Would the heatsink work efficiently in a wood surround? Cheers guys, the helps been really useful so far!
  4. Lukus' 4g Arch

    Thanks so much for the reply man, I really appreciate it. I'll have a read through everything you mentioned, because I want to do this as well as possible. I like the dimmable LED idea and I'm comfortable doing it DIY style. As for mounting it, I've got a couple ideas so I'm going to try them out on sketchup. About the canister filter, thanks, I didn't know that. I'll do some research. I hadn't thought about using a HOB but I'll look into it. I don't want to detract to much from the styling of the tank is all. Thanks again man.
  5. Lukus' 4g Arch

    Hey! Thanks for the advice. I'm browsing the site now and trying to figure out what I actually need...It's a strange new world this reef business. Any advice you have, or anywhere I can look for info would be much appreciated. Oh, and thanks about the arch!
  6. Lukus' 4g Arch

    Thanks man! Do it! Tidy little number ain't it. Thanks man! As for lights, I honestly have no idea. I've been doing a lot of reading but I'm still really unsure, it's a lot to learn. I think if I do get down to my LFS tomorrow I'll see what they have in, but I think I'll probably be better off buying online. Whatever I get it'll probably end up being a DIY stand.
  7. Lukus' 4g Arch

    Thank you both very much! Managed to get some work done on the scape today! Man at work! Scape with tank, to give you an idea of how it will fit. I'm hoping a goby will like this hole! So yeh! That's where I am. I'm hoping to take a trip down to my LFS tomorrow to take a look at some heaters and to pick up some water and sand, if all goes well. Thanks for taking a look guys!
  8. Bongo Shrimp's 25g Tide Pool

    Haha cheers! Got my first tank thread up and running now! Take a peak!
  9. Shallow Reef

    Looking good man! Can't wait to see it all put together!
  10. Lukus' 4g Arch

    Four Gallon Arch Hello everybody! I'm Lukus and this is going to be my first attempt at a SW tank. A friend of mine I go to uni with has had SW tanks for some time now, and after seeing his and helping him out with it, I've officially been bitten by the bug! My mate was able to sort me out a 16x8x8 tank (which I calculated to be 4 gallons) some rock and a canister filter for fairly cheap so I'm off to a good start. I'm pretty nervous about it all, but I've done a lot of reading and I'm definitely going to take it slow. So, as all forum people do, I'm sure you're after some pictures, so here are some of what I have so far! The Tank Canister Filter Dead Rock Future Plans So there we go! As the title states I want to build an arch out of the rock, this might be a bit cliche I guess but its what I want! As for stocking, I really have no idea... I don't want to overstock so I'm aiming for 2 fish max! I like gobies but I'd kinda like an active swimmer too! Coral wise... softies I guess. I really like the look of zoanthids.apart from that I'm not really sure! So any advice or tips are welcome, hope you enjoyed reading, I'll try and get some new pics tomorrow if I get some work done on the scape, Thanks guys!
  11. Shallow Reef

    That's a pretty sweet deal you got there! Manual labour for a tank!
  12. Bongo Shrimp's 25g Tide Pool

    Hey Bongo, I'm really new to this hobby, and haven't even got my first tank set up yet but I have to say I've read through some of your threads and have to say I'm amazed at what you can achieve! Definitely looking forward to seeing what you do with this thread! Hopefully my own attempts won't be too pitiful!
  13. Shallow Reef

    Sounds like a neat idea man, I'm a fan of the two tanks you linked to as well! Looking forward to following on and seeing it progress.