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  1. I generally trim back the little guys, as I can see them bugging some of my corals (and there are so many of them). These guys are on a rock in a corner and not really coming into contact with anyone yet - even with their size. As long as they aren't an issue, I'll leave them.
  2. Definitely a larger variant (or much older) vermetid snail. I've always had the little guys with the long tubs, but they never got large enough for me to see what they actually looked like. These guys are much-much larger (tube openings are about 4mm). Thanks.
  3. Definitely some webbing/feeding tentacles that come out, even during the day. The videos show the retracting/feeding.
  4. EDIT: ID'd as Vermetid Snail - Much larger variant than the little guys with sharp tubes. I need a little help identifying this guy. He looks like a worm, but has small tentacles like a mini brittle-star. Seems to live in a hole with a trapdoor. Puts out long feeding tentacles and then eats them. I have a couple of youtube videos below that show him in detail. I think there is one on either side of the rock.
  5. Keeping a Zoa Eating Nudibranch

    Hes been isolated into a small jar with a zoa frag specific for him. Hes not in my main tank.
  6. Keeping a Zoa Eating Nudibranch

    Updated with some new images. Hes doubled in size in about a week.
  7. Purple Slime/Sponge?

    I have some sort of weird Slime/Sponge hitchhiker and I'm hoping someone can point me int he right direction. He came in on a frag with some Zoas. Hes grown over the small frag piece the Zoas are on and is now spreading. If its some sort of bad Slime I'll probably end up removing the Zoas to get it out. If its a good Slime or Sponge then I'll leave it in, even if it overruns those Zoas. I think I see valves making me think its a Sponge, but at the same time I take my Zoa rock out all the time for cleaning/maintenance so its been exposed to air at least a dozen times. Let me know what you guys think. Images link to full-size images.
  8. Keeping a Zoa Eating Nudibranch

    Bump. Trying to find out if anyone has ever kept a Zoa Eating Nudibranch and maybe some details on them. Hes turned orange (from purple) due to the new Zoas I gave him.
  9. 11/05 Hes pretty much doubled in size since I found him. His cerata is definitely much more orange. More than any of the pictures suggest. Its hard to get clean shots right now because hes pretty small and I am working with a phone camera. He was venturing around on the glass so I got some pics from different angles. The Zoas that are in with him still appear to be okay. They have lost a little luster but none appear 'dead' or 'dying'. Any of the Zoas near where he is currently at are closed, but because he moves around they all open at one point or another. I am thinking of breaking them up even further and spreading them around the jar to allow more to stay open and feed at any given time. 10/31 I spotted this bugger in my tank yesterday. I've always thought they were neat looking, but I understand how dangerous they can be in a tank. So I pulled him out of my tank and fragged out some zoas that I got for about $5 and threw them into a small glass container together. He's harder to see in these shots, but he is on the left side of the polyp front and center. Once you spot him its easier to see. (All the polyps are shut because this is moments after the fragging and relocation) Has anyone ever attempted to keep a Zoa Eating Nudibranch? How large do they get? How many polyps (average-sized) will they consume in a day/week/month? Do they asexually reproduce? Edit: I already checked all my Zoas for eggs. Did not see any. I will be monitoring all my Zoas closely for the next few weeks.
  10. Carbon Fiber Fluval Spec At Work

    Its a piece of carbon fiber I had from another project years ago that I super glued to the divider. I'm just going to let it grow over. Eventually it will lose its luster, but I don't mind.
  11. Carbon Fiber Fluval Spec At Work

    My original setup was dismantled when I learned I was being relocated. I got rid of the livestock but kept the hardware. I just recently set back up, this time at work. Which has its own advantages and disadvantages. Hardware Ecoxotic Pico Light with five strips - 6 12k and 9 Actinic 1W LEDs Total Marineland MN606UL - 153 gph Tetra 50w Heater - Preset to 78 (and it's pretty consistent) Standard Timers for the light Invertebrates Banded Trochus Snail (1) Pom Pom Crab (1) Corala Leather Coral - Devil's Finger (3 Branches) Leather Coral - Unkown - Pink with Green Heads (20+ Branches) Pavona - Potato Chip Coral (3 Branches) Xenia - Purple Pulsing (16 Polyps) Star Polyps - Green/White (10 Polyps) Pally - Giant Green (1 Polyp) Zoa - Purple-Orange-Green (4 Polyps) Zoa - Pink-Brown-Brown (5 Polyps) Zoa - Orange-White/Brown-Orange (5 Polyps [Fragged for Nudibranch]) Zoa - Purple-Orange-Green (2 Polyps) Zoa - Green-Purple-Green (9 Polyps) Zoa - Light Orange-Pink (3 Polyps) Mushroom - Blue/Purple (1 Mushroom) Hitchhikers Social Feather Duster (1+) Brittle Star (1) Asterina Starfish (2 Fragments) Unknown Snail Zoa Eating Nudibranch (Isolated) (Nudibranch Post)
  12. Leather Frag?

    Looking for an ID on this guy I picked up about a week ago. I was told it was a leather and I'm treating it as such. Seems to be doing great, but I'd like a little more info. Images link to full-size - a touch blurry. Grey-Pink soft body, lots of small branches, neon green heads with tiny tentacles. Thanks.
  13. Ecopico 4 Sale

    Willing to part out just the blue strips?
  14. Solana Microbubbles

    I don't have the same setup as you, but you should check all the fittings and condition of the return tubes. You might have a small crack or air leak somewhere. Just a guess though, since again I don't have your setup.
  15. A couple things ID'd

    Snail with no shell is a stomatella (sp?). Hard to tell the growths without more detail and/or better shots.