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  1. I've now got Monti cap at the surface.. I tear the nasty xenia out when it gets too big.
  2. Been a while since I have been on.. not much change, everything's doing well and the tank is basically on autopilot. I change water now and then, dose and feed fish when I remember. Hope everyone is staying warm!
  3. Congrats teeny! Great looking tank!
  4. Congrats teeny! Well deserved, great looking tank packed with color!
  5. They can... And actually baby ones can grow out of old skeletons from dead ones.
  6. Looks like a little baby plate coral.. Can you get a closer clearer picture?
  7. yep, I really like the color of it and I think it's more important to run a full spectrum bulb as supplement for LED vs running something like blue or violet which LED already does a great job of covering. If there was another bulb I would use it would likely be something like purple plus or Fiji purple. I actually just replaced the first set at 1.5 years.. probably would have been a bigger deal if they were my primary light source but I didn't have any issues.
  8. I always got richer coral colors under T5, and the tank just glowed with light. LEDs are nice too, and I really like the shimmer from them, but they don't fill the tank with light like T5 does.. I think if I were changing lights today I might consider going to either all T5 (6 or 8 bulb), or if I had the money I would do one of those sick retro's from nanobox.. then again I've always wanted to give MH a try too, many old-timers swear by it.
  9. labs are a ball of energy.. our chocolate lab will go run 5 or 6 miles with me then still have energy to play with other dogs or terrorize the house
  10. they used to ship many soft corals with just wet paper towels on them.. I think they still harvest stuff that way. I wouldn't be too worried, just don't let them dry out. heck my sps is out of the water for 15+ minutes while I'm doing water changes.
  11. that tank is far too small for those dinos.. they'll have to be rehomed very soon.
  12. I'd be very very careful using a torch around any zoas or palys.. you don't want to end up in the ER.. give good solid tweezers (not cheap flimsy ones) a try for ripping the mat off the rock, you might be surprised, I have had no issues doing it this way. easiest and cleanest way ime.
  13. did you get a new puppy? I see your avatar changed.. she's cute! chocolate lab?
  14. yeah you're really just going to make a mess with the dremel. razor and peel is really about the best method, but I find a good sharp quality pair of tweezers is really invaluable for peeling matted corals (I use them for peeling off unwanted xenia).
  15. Thanks! It's not really a retro kit, it's sunblaster t5ho grow strips, they come with clips to mount them to something, I mounted them to my reefbreeders unit. And they can be run in a chain, so one light plugs in to the timer and the second light has a short wire connecting it to the first light. I ordered them on Amazon. I've been told they're not the best fixture as far as output (ie they supposedly don't actually run rated wattage), but they're supplemental light not my primary light and they're doing just fine for me and I've had them on for about a year and a half now , if I was going to do it all over again I'd do the exact same thing (maybe 36" rather than 24). I would also likely rivet the clips in place rather than use bolts/nuts but it works.