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  1. Hey i have found a good deal on a SWC 160 extreme cone skimmer (120$). The skimmer has been used for 1.5 years. It is for a 40B with a 15g sump. I know its overkill but should i go ahead and take it?
  2. Copperband in 40B?

    My friend is closing his tank and wants to give me his copperband butterlfy. It is 1 year old and measure 3inches. He eats mysis , bloodworms and brine shrimp like a pig. Would it be suitable for a 40B???? He would share the tank with two clown fish and a firefish
  3. Transfer new tank

    Hey So i am about to swap from a 20 long to a 40 breeder. The breeder has been set up for 2 weeks with 20lbs of base rock and 10lbs of live rock with new sand at the bottom. I need to close the 20L and transfer everything by the end of the week end Is it safe for me to do? How do i proceed? The two tanks are about 20 minutes away In the 20L i have 20lbs of live rock with some corals stuck on them with 2 clowns, 2 bangaiis and one firefish
  4. BioLoad too much for my tank?

    Im no tang police but the hypo tang shouldn't be there at all! The rest of the fish seems alright for the bioload. You say that you have plenty of live rock but how much is plenty? you should have close to 30lbs. You could maybe increase your water change frequencies to every 4 days untill the problem resolves by itself. Also, why dont you feed your fish every other day but decrease the amount? Kinda sucks for your fish to wait 4 days untill they eat...
  5. Your tank is beautiful! It seems to fit perfectly with your decor and adds a touch of the ocean to your room!
  6. Upgrade from 20L to 40B

    So i just got back from my lfs. First, i bought a maxspect razor 27" a my lighting source. I placed it temporarily on my 20l and it looks amazing! really happy with my first impression Second, i told him i wanted to order a top from for the 40B and he strongly believes that they are useless. He says that since 40B's dont have a middle brace, the frame is useless. Im still not convinced about it tho. Will probably end up ordering it from glasscages or somewhere else!!
  7. Upgrade from 20L to 40B

    would it be possible to just buy the top frame?
  8. Upgrade from 20L to 40B

    anyones else has an opinion?
  9. Upgrade from 20L to 40B

    Alright , my tank build is slowly going forward. First, my tank is finally done. Well 95% done. Still have to install handles on doors and silicone the edges in case of water splash. Im happy with the end product but im still surprised how hard the finishing is compared to the structural build. Good thing im an engineer and not a designer/architect What do you all think? 2nd, im still a bit confused with plumbing. I decided to keep it relatively simple so i bought a glass-holes 700 over flow kit with a 3/4 inch return kit. I am still reading up on how to plumb it and make is as safe as possible. Definitely still need help in that regard... 3rd, i bought a used 40B from a guy that is an active member of a local reef forum. The tank looks great, no scratches and all. Im worried however because the tank does not have a top rim on it. I think he removed it. This scares me. When i picked up his tank, it was running and there was no leak at all. He said that he had it running for now 2 years. Once i brought it home, i filled it up and again no leaks or anything. I think im a bit paranoid that it will break at some point! Am i worrying for nothing? Should i just scrap the tank? Can i just buy a seperate top rim and glue it there? Here are pics of the tank if it helps... The glass is about 6mm thick
  10. Ive been having a nasty green bubble algea problem for a little while now. I purchased 3 emerald crabs 2 weeks ago but they dont seem to be doing the job. There was one small piece of live rock that was literally covered wit them so i decided to throw it out. I replaced it with one piece of live rock (now dried up) that was laying in my garage. Before putting it in, i boiled it for 20 minutes and baked it in the oven for another 20 Just before placing it in the tank, i rinced it off with ro/di Did i screw up? will i have a ammonia/nitrite spike? if it helps with the verdict, my tank is a small 20 gallon long that has been up and running for 9 months now
  11. tank compatibility

    Ah the days before the tang police patrolled the threads ready to jump on whoever mentioned the name tang. Seriously??? Yellow tang and hypo in a 40
  12. Upgrade from 20L to 40B

  13. Upgrade from 20L to 40B

    dammit!!!!!! JUst wrote a nice long reply thread with all my plans for plumbing and all my questions and once i clicked send... POUFF EVERYTHING GONE Short and sweet post i guess... Many uestions regarding plumbing. I am going with a herbie design overflwo 1) I will use 1" draining bulkheads and 3/4" return bulkheads. This seems to be the general consensus? Is this correct??? 2a) The herbie system utilizes two draining holes offseted slightly in height, is there a minimum heigh diference or is about 2" right? 2b) Will the two drain pipes connect at one point before reaching the sump or does 2 drain pipes leak off in the sump? 3)For aesthetics, i will build the overflow box in the middle of the back glass. Any isses with that? 4) Again for aesthetics. i will put the return hole on the left side of the back glass. Any issues with that? Thanks in advance for all your help
  14. Upgrade from 20L to 40B

    The more i think about, im pretty sure i dont need to do anything to the mask, after all its silicone and glass just like the materials of the aquarium... wonder if it ould look good tho...
  15. Upgrade from 20L to 40B

    from what i understand, all the weight will go to the corners. The bottom of the stand acts as a beam which has the primary role of directing the weight to the columns (the corners). The only side effect of a beam is that it might bend which is why a thin sheet of plywood is all that is needed for the top... Actually nothing is needed! You can look at some steel stands that are up for sale, they dont have any top supports! Anyways, yes i am taking my time with this, not only the stand but the complete tank. Wont be moving till mid november so lots of time. I have another question! This might sound stupid but i thought of putting a scuba mask in the tank. Being a scuba instructor since the age of 19 (im 23 now), scuba has always been a big passion of mine and was wondering how i should dip or prepare the mask to prevent degradation and keep it from emitting bad chemicals in my water