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  1. Room into reef

    I've always thought it would be very cool to take a large greenhouse like building and turn it into a giant patch reef biotope. By this I mean have mangroves along the wall, which transition to sea grass, empty sand, and finally corals and fish which are typical of patch reefs. This would be great for things like grey snappers, groupers and grunts which can be found in all of these habitats as well as things along the line of snook or redfish (it's a BIG tank). Of course, money is a big issue with this plan....
  2. Murderous Ricodia

    So I have these two GIANT Ricodia florida that I bought from a local store here in South Florida. Today I was looking at my tank, when I noticed a dwarf cerith had crawled onto the bigger of the two rics. Thinking nothing of it, I countined on my merry way doing average south floridian stuff. When I went back a little while latter to my suprise the ricodia was literally swallowing the snail. At first glance I had no idea what was happening, but then I was able to make out the mouth around the snail and watch as it slowly closed up around it, and then.........no more snail Anywho, I thought it was a rather odd event, and wanted to share it with you guys Anyone else have their ric eat a snail No pics, I was to stupid to think of using my camera on my smart phone
  3. The Official Snorkeling/SCUBA Diving/Beach Looking Thread

    Was at Looe Key last weekend with some friends. No photos (sorry) but if you live in Florida and haven't made it down to Big Pine, you owe yourself a trip. Just as stunning as usual! Saw everything from little cleaner shrimp to a reef shark, all in deep blue water with 60+ft vis. All in all a good time! That's cool AM. Was it REEF with the survey you saw? They're a pretty cool organization, and I've been meaning to get into some of that surveying. They share their data base with NOAA, FWC, and multiple colleges across the state.
  4. I won this. What do?

    Go for the 10. Although it will work on a 20H (I have a double bright 18-24 on mine) it fades badly near the edges. If you use it on the 10 you'll get full tank coverage. Plus, on that tank it will look insanely bright and awesome!
  5. Where Can I Get Mini-Maxi's?

    http://cultivatedreef.com/red-mini-carpet-...etum-p-183.html Don't know when it will be in stock again, and the price is scary, but it is cool looking.
  6. What size AC?

    From the sound of it the 70 would be plenty big, since I'm only putting chemical and mechanical filtration in. I don't think it would be too much flow since I already was thinking of added another power head since I still have a couple of dead spots that bug me.
  7. What size AC?

    That's kinda what I'm worried about, and what happened with the puffer tank. I was like "Oh, this should be plenty big!" and now I'm regretting not having the larger filter. I may go with the 70 then. I need to compare dimensions too and see how they would both fit on the tank.
  8. Is it safe to run a blue led at night?

    That depends on the visibility. Last time I was in the ocean at night we had ~1ft vis, so all I saw was sand particles.... I have moonlights that I run all night, and if you've even been in the ocean during a full moon you can see pretty well WITHOUT lights (if your in shallow water, of course).
  9. reefcleaners order

    Who knows what goes through the mind of a delivery guy. Either way, nothing was dead, and I love the crew (except this stupid limpit that thinks that the tide will rise and cover him eventually )!
  10. reefcleaners order

    Something odd that happened for me was that I was supposed to give a signature, but they didn't request one. And by that I mean they didn't even knock on the door and just left it there. No idea when it came, just looked outside the front door and there it was. I don't know what that was all about either.
  11. Auto Top Off from sticky thread

    Yup they pretty much got that. I have a Autotopoff.com top off switch which is hooked up to an air pump from the Biocube skimmer. My container is a 1 gallon jug, with my "short" tube in the cap. Works great, and all I have to do to refill is disconnect the short tube from my check valve (redundant saftey) and fill up the jug.
  12. Never see my YWG or tiger

    I'm having the same problem. I added a YWG to my tank two weeks ago and haven't seen him since the second day. He took to hiding in my rock work, and if he died the hermits must have cleaned him up and left very little to rot since I've seeen no jump in parameters (rather a drop in nitrates). So I'm beginning to think he's dead since I've even squirted mysis into the opening of the crevice he decided to hide in
  13. The Official Snorkeling/SCUBA Diving/Beach Looking Thread

    Here is your warning, it is as addicting as hell! Be prepared to say "well just ONE more course...."
  14. What size AC?

    I've recently come to the conclusion that the canister filter I am currently maintaining may be to complex for my folks and that I will probably need to switch to a simpler form of filtration before the summer and College so that they will be able to keep my tank going. I have an AC30 on a brackish puffer tank, and it's slightly too small to fit in both chemipure and purigen, so I've just been using chemipure elite. However, for the reef I'd like to keep using Chemipure elite and purigen, so I figured I'd use either a AC50 or AC70. I've also been using Polyfilter, but I don't think this is entirely needed and is more of an added saftey. I plan on getting an inTank media basket so that it's easy to organize and maintain. I will NOT be making this a fuge, since my parents would not put in the effort to maintain the macros. So, in short, what size would you use for a 20H tank that is currently being filtered by a Fluval 106 inorder to comfortably fit in everything I mentioned earlier? The only reason I feeI need to ask this is because I feel their ratings are more geared toward freshwater, since I doubt my AC 30 (rated for up to a 30 gallon) would be able to keep my water clean. If you have any other good alternatives, please let me know. I just like how simple and open the layout of the Aqua Clears are. Thanks for the Help Charlie
  15. Best quotable quotes on NR

    LOL! This is awesome! Show me Your Naked Clowns, and I'll Show You Mine If I remember the only thing that topic got was a drawing of a naked circus clown