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  1. looking for mp 40 wetside

    I am in need of a wetside for my mp40. I have a few items I could trade. I have a modded ac 70, hydor slim skim, and possibly a wp 25 if offer is good. Let me know what you have and lets ee if we can work something out. Thanks Kevin
  2. I divided the main chamber in to 3 sections, First for my heater then was my cheato and next was my skimmer. I am having trouble posting pics from photobucket but if I can figure it out I will post them for you. As far as lighting I put in a rapid led kit 12 leds 4 blue 4 cool 1 red and a green and then I ran to fans to keep it cool. I will work on pics for you
  3. If your up to doing mods you can make a 110 work on the tank. I took a half inch off each side and it gave the perfect flow for my collumn I might have some pics posted of my set up. I usedcheato and a skimmer in my set up and had good luck with it. Kevin
  4. Bump for great seller. Ordered from her in the past and recieved great corals. Kevin
  5. mp 40 fs

    If this is priced high feel free to chime in or make offer. I would rather it be getting used than sitting in my closet. Kevin
  6. mp 40 fs

    I have a older mp 40 that I need to get rid of. I used it for alittle under a year and have had no problems with it. I am replacing it because it is a kid magnet and I can keep my kids away from it so I switched to an internal power head. I also have a controller for an mp 20 that will go with it. It gives you some flexibilty for additional flow rates. Asking $250 shipped OBO. Thanks Kevin
  7. ISO jeboa wp25 or koralia 1,2,3..

    That's strange cause I see 99 on amazon. 73 from fish street but shipping from them is gonna run morethan 7$. Good luck with your search sorry for wasting your time. Kevin
  8. ISO jeboa wp25 or koralia 1,2,3..

    I have a new wp 25 I will part with it for 95 shipped . Bought 2 thinking I would need both turns out one is more than enough just looking to get my money back out of it. Thanks Kevin
  9. [FS] LED Lights and Skimmer

    And could you tell me what the foot print ie also Thanks Kevin
  10. [FS] LED Lights and Skimmer

    What size tank is the skimmer rated for
  11. vertical algae scrubber

    I was researching scrubbers the other day and came across a build where some one used a air stone and screen to build a submerged algae scrubber. Has anybody tried this if so did it work and would you recomend it. Thanks Kevin
  12. Breaking down my tank.

    Will you take 120 shipped to 58503. Thanks
  13. Breaking down my tank.

    what is the actual foot print and height of the skimmer If it will fit my sump I will might be interested. Thanks Kevin
  14. FS: SWC 150 BMK Skimmer in great condition

    Should probably post a price. What is wrong with the skimmer bad pump ?
  15. what brand is the skimmer and what size tank is it rated for I am interested if the specs are good Thanks Kevin