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  1. Plate Coral Regenerate?

    How do fungias or plates reproduce?
  2. Ok yeah well its weird because i bought them as a pair so u would think they would be ok with eachother
  3. I have had this pair for about a week now and theses oceleris finally took to my rose bubble tip anemone. Im confused one IS bigger than the other I did that on purpose. Why is the feamale the bigger one keep chsing the smaller one out and not letting him in.??!1
  4. TR0Ns ZEOvit ..::SouthReef::..

    boy i wish...
  5. I only have one ready right now but will soon have some more. Bright pink kenya tree frag its a few inches on a small piece of rock. Ill give it for 15 bucks!! Only have one so contact quick if interested! I think shipping will be priority 15 dollars
  6. Andy's 90 Gallon***1 Year Old***

    niiiiiiiiice anemone!!
  7. Alto's Bangaii Cardinal Breeding thread

    I loove pajamas.,..They do great in my tanks
  8. My new Pink Acan

    sweeet colors. be sure to feed it tho
  9. Blue-eyed Hairy Crab

    better to get rid of him now then to live with risky concequences. cool looking crab tho
  10. What is this? Big Aspista?

    suuper big aptasia for sho
  11. few questions about uv sterilizers

    it also depends on how big your system is too
  12. sweet tank in general though
  13. Nicest Acro on EBay right now?

    yaa then you py like 60 dollars shipping
  14. Need Live sand?

    Sand vs gravel or even nothing is all an opinion thing
  15. Is this a true Percula?

    check out its eyes