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  1. My Bonsai experiment

    That's what I was inspired by, that's how the tank will (in an abstract way) hopefully look like. I could use blue zoas to cover the back I suppose.
  2. My Bonsai experiment

    I don't really want a wall coral as the blue is 'sky' Sounds odd I know but I have an image in my mind of a single tree on a rocky outcrop in a sea of grass with the mountains in the distance.
  3. Islandoftiki's Mantis/Pest Tank Pico Contest Winner!

    Lol I wonder if the star thought it was a zoa and nipped in for a swift munch... Turn of the tables
  4. My Bonsai experiment

    That has made my day I've always liked blue neon gobies but have always kept things that would likely eat them. Good news indeed.
  5. My Bonsai experiment

    good call now i have a question, obviously while SPS like nice clean water they also need a trace of phosphate and nitrate in order to survive so im gonna need some kind of bio load. do we think a shrimp will do? what do others use in a tank so small? im guessing there are no tiny gobies that would fit in the tank?
  6. My Bonsai experiment

    not as much as me! LOL the only problem is now i am looking at all the picos on this forum, then looking at mine, then looking at the picos, then at mine.... im wondering if i am going to be able to stick with the 2 coral idea. i sure hope so.
  7. My Bonsai experiment

    Water and salt in
  8. My Bonsai experiment

    so i decided i wanted something to cover the in tank equipment TADA!!! there will be a gap at the bottom but i hope to cover it with some LR in the distance mountain ranges.
  9. My Bonsai experiment

    Some good shouts there, tbh I think it's going to be a case of trial and error. Eventually a frag will grow the way I want it to LOL!
  10. My Bonsai experiment

    Got the paints out today and now the tank looks like I need to get some new rubber suckers for the power head and heater I think as mine have gone stiff. Hopefully will buy some LR at the weekend to get things moving.
  11. My Bonsai experiment

    i want to do it all in this tank, TBH with the tree i am open ti ideas, the coral just needs to be a nice color (or a few) and cabable of growing into a tree like shape. i think i can control (notice i say think) the shape of the 'tree' by removing unwanted growth when it appears, for example i would want a thick single stem that branches out at the top, with proper 'pruning' and the right flow i hope i can get the shape i want... it is an experiment after all LOL
  12. My Bonsai experiment

    so i dug the tank out and gave it a scrub and also found an old arcpod to make it look more tanky. im going to paint both panels closest to the walls in a nice sky blue i think. also need to trim the foam stuff.
  13. My Bonsai experiment

    that was the plan, I'm trying to decide if it should be just green or green with red polyps (flowers in grass?) think I may just go green.
  14. My Bonsai experiment

    Acropora valida I think or something close, I'm open to suggestions.
  15. My Bonsai experiment

    I thought about it but decided that it would in time choke the 'tree' Also I'm not so worried about time