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  1. WTB: 24" Halide Setup

  2. WTB: 24" Halide Setup

    I am looking for a reasonably priced 24" 150 or 250W halide setup to go over my 60 cube. Thanks!
  3. Title says it all... I would like one with mounting legs to put over my 60 cube so I can get rid of my bulky canopy. Something like an aquamedic would be great. Thanks!
  4. 37g Oceanic cube w/stand + extras

    Interested in the sunpod, how long have you had it? Is it just a halide or are there pc's as well? How old are the bulbs?
  5. Oh, sorry, I need somthing that would mount over a 24" tank w/o having to be hung.
  6. Is it still for sale? What are the dimensions?
  7. getting out of the hobby

    Also interested in light. Any pics?
  8. Is it still for sale?
  9. WTB 24" 250W MH

    I am trying to replace my current 24" 175W MH pendant with a 24" 250W one. Anyone have something like that for sale?
  10. yankee - thanks for the info, i will definitely be checking. izano - pm'ed you.
  11. I finally convinced my wife to let me move back into a slightly larger tank. I have my old 40 breeder and am looking for a good-looking stand (my wife is VERY particular and I'm not going to argue as long as I get my tank). However, if anyone has another tank+stand combo in the 40-65 gallon range I would be willing to check it out. I am in the Chicagoland area. Thanks!
  12. Lids vs Open tops

    i have a 2 piece lid covering 3/4 of my tank with the back 3" of my tank open for a skimmer, HOB fuge etc. gas exchange is still excellent and i figure if a fish tries to jump it has a 75% chance of hitting the lid. i've run tanks with and without lids, and i got too annoyed with the constant topoff of a lidless system. just my opinion.
  13. Yellow Candy Hogfish Chicagoland

    still for sale...